Saturday, January 3, 2015

7 Reasons, why Facebook can ban your FB Account

Facebook users had different experiences during past year. Some got new friends and some lost valuable relationships. But what about Facebook ban experiences. Sounds surprising aren’t it. Facebook has deactivated hundreds of accounts during this year due to various reasons. Due to this inconvenience people have got tired of using Facebook.  Few cases which came into light regarding account ban are as follows. The facebook accounts have been banned obviously due to the violations of Facebook policies. You should read the common reasons of banning FB account by Facebook and try to avoid them in future.

7 reasons of banning FB account by Facebook
  1. Unethical attempts: Few people tried to spam their friends by sending their friends unethical and immoral messages online. Due to this fact Adam Guerbuez a Facebook user was fined around $873 million which made him bankrupt in 2010.
  2. Nudity allegations: Facebook has deactivated various accounts on allegation of spreading nudity in public. The social platform claims to be free of vulgarity and unethical material. Somehow, few medically approved cases have been reported such as Breast feeding of children, sexual counseling and related stuff. One of the renowned personalities Emma Kwasnica has put her various pictures for being nursing her own child in order to let mothers get aware about milk feeding facts. Due to this reason Facebook has deactivated her account for more than five times. She owes a view that she did that due to her profession is feeding counselor and for ease of new mothers. She also protested in front of Facebook headquarters in America during National milk feeding week.
  3. Fake identity of Mark Zuckerberg: Another problem aroused when various people tried to pretend like CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. Due to huge traffic of people on Facebook, he deactivated his account. Moreover Facebook management also spotted a person with same name pretending to be Zuck by his identity. A lawyer from Indiana has got the same and due to charisma of CEO started receiving friend requests. After revealing of misconception Facebook management not only apologized from him for inconvenience but also made his account accessible.
  4. Similarity of names with stars: Various cases have been reported for Facebook account deactivation due to similarities with names. A girl having name as Selena Miranda Gomez has been deprived from her access to her account. Facebook management has considered as her fake ID to be pretending like Disney star. Some people have been accused of making their profiles by using names of famous writers and personalities which were controversial personalities during their period. The most common example which has been spotted recently is Salman Rushdie.
  5. Hack attacks: Various hackers have made attempts in order to make a plot for various data stealing on Facebook and twitter. A hacker group tried to corrupt Visa’s website after the decision of company to stop crediting donations to Wikileaks (famous social website).
  6. Odd images upload: A women named Lauren Ferrari uploaded picture of her son who was showing in image to nurse his younger brother, who is actually 5 years old himself. This picture brought a huge controversy for the lady and gained attention of masses regarding poor parenting approach. The result was deactivation of her account.
  7. Less than 13 Years Old: Some kids less than 13 years old try to pretend like overly 13 years old and due this fact Facebook has deactivated around 20,000 accounts during last year. Robert Scoble, a Facebook user has been reported as adding script to Facebook social media website and due to this fact his account kept on deactivated until he made a public stink regarding his attempt to add code to social website.

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