Sunday, January 11, 2015

7 Rules for Married Co-Workers in Saudi Arabia

Spouses working together! A very hot topic in today’s modern world where both of them need to work hard for maintaining a healthy successful life, to earn enough money for their family and live peacefully with all the facilities! This surely is every Man’s dream. But the twist comes when they have to face each other in the same workplace and department! Work relationships and networking is an important asset for success and future career buildup. Working as a team will help progress the business, and help you promote. It is usually said and accepted that in order to sustain this cycle, there is a most common practice of not allowing the married couple to work together in same department/firm. Many companies have a set law for this, to safe themselves from all the conflicts and loss in business.

7 Rules for Married Co-Workers
  1. Spouses working together are not appreciated because it may lead to interference and can spoil the relationship as well as career. It is very important for them to keep a healthy balance between home and office which most of them fail to maintain and results in spoiling of either of the two setups.
  2. There is no harm or anything illegal in this practice of spouses working together but some factors should be taken care about in order to maintain balance between personal and professional life. Some rules should be setup between husband and wife and lines demarcated for personal space of the two.
  • Both of them should appreciate each other and respect each other in office works. A healthy competition is always good! Explore strengths and weaknesses of each other. Limitations, restrictions, issues, fights and conflicts in talking and working with other co-workers male/female freely should be avoided. Both of them should not have any doubt about their partners instead they should appreciate! They should understand and trust each other! If there is a problem, discuss!

  • Work problems and matters shouldn’t disturb their home life at all. There are few times when they put work in first place than their relationship every time when not on work, this is because they are still in working mode which might affect you partner. Separate work with your home life always and give time to your spouse. There may be few times when office conflicts are taken home or vice versa. They should leave office work in office and home business limited to home only!

  • Be professional and don’t violate the office rules. Acting as co-workers in office and mingling with others will be comfortable for both of them and the other staff too. Respecting each other’s time and mood will help maintain peace in the relationship.
  • When you are angry, agitated or can’t stand with all the troubles, look towards the positive side of spending your day with Ur spouse every day and seeing them in front of you almost all the time.
  • However, in spite of these conflicts, there are many couples who successfully work together and share the same passion and complement each other well.

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