Tuesday, January 20, 2015

7 Things to Learn from Life of Sheikh Zayed

Sheikh Zayed is one of those people because of which the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has succeeded and made its name on the map of the world so prominent within half a century. Today's article will act as a tribute to this great leader, enlisting some ways how Sheikh Zayed can act as a role model for leaders from all casts and creeds. He and his successors have worked tirelessly to give the United Arab Emirates (UAE) the name and recognition it has today. I hope that this article will prove to portray Sheikh Zayed's leadership qualities well.

  1. HUMILITY: Sheikh Zeyad and all his successors have been extremely rich. They move about in yachts but their humility remains unarmed. This particular prince was once spotted sitting beside a little girl who was lost. While her father came back to find her, the prince had offered to drive her home but she refused saying she wasn't allowed to talk to strangers thus he waited till her father arrived. Could you find something like this in many leaders? He and his successors were also known to eat a very casual meal inviting all those around.
  2. VISION of Sheikh Zayed: The First President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Sheikh Zeyad bin Sultan Al Nahyan ruled Abu Dhabi from 1966 to 2004. He is known as ‘The Father of the Nation’ and showed a keen interest for traditional values and had deep respect and love for it. This extended into environment and transformation, applying it to the whole nation. He believed in his vision which now gives United Arab Emirates (UAE) such importance in the world, pushing international limits in all genres.
  3. UAE FIRST: As I mentioned earlier, it will not be wrong to say that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is where it is all due to the constant efforts of Sheikh Zeyad. He always knew that he needs to keep the Interests of his country first. He made sure that he has to put water in all those areas where there wasn't any. He transformed a Bedouin desert land into one of the biggest known hubs in the world along with making man created Islands. It was all the effort that put the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the map.
  4. LOVE AND RESPECT FOR THE PEOPLE: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is known much for its hospitality. This country takes care of its people whether attention is needed for education, housing or just whether getting laptops. The government makes sure that their citizens are happy because they believe that happy citizens make a happy country. It won't be surprising to note that people don't migrate from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to other countries because they are utterly pleased. The people of the Emirates go back home because they own it and consider an ideal place to live.
  5. FOREIGN RELATIONS: It is intimidating to know that even the most powerful countries of the world do not mess with the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Due to Sheikh Zeyad's work he has managed to make United Arab Emirates (UAE) so stable that the other countries respect it and like it along with being intimidated. Sheikh Zeyad made an effort that The United Arab Emirates (UAE) stands for what it believes in all international forums keeping a positive attitude and diplomatic ties with everyone.
  6. TOLERANCE: Sheikh Zeyad has always welcomed Expatriates from around the world. When these expatriates make United Arab Emirates (UAE) their home he made sure that they feel that way as long as they respect and obey all the rules made by the government just as any other citizen.
  7. RESPECTING RULES: I'm sure that people who violate rules may bring a lot of dissatisfaction in the country. The answer to solve this is quite simple, simple extend rules for breaking laws. These laws include deportation or jail and well technically no one likes doing of these places once they are in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Sheikh Zeyad has proved to be one of the most significant figures in the world. May his soul rest in peace and may his dream be always kept alive.
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