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8 Tips to spark your Sex Life after Marriage

Marriage is the most beautiful chapter of one’s life. It brings new joys and charms in the routine life. Conjugal rights or having physical relationship with the life partner is the glory of this relationship. This jewel of life easily diminishes under the storm of responsibilities like earning a better living, growing up the children etc. Let us discuss a few tips for the wife that can keep the sex life bright and keep the joys of physical relationship alive the way you had them in the early days of your marriage.

  1. Look fresh and pretty: It is important to keep you fresh and pretty. It is not mandatory to wear a fancy bridal dress and makeup all the times rather a bath and a clean dress will do the need full. When your husband comes back to home after the day full of fatigue and tiredness, you greeting him with a fresh look and clean dress will charge his mood and he will realize that now he is away from the hectic life out of the home. Islam as a path of life and is not merely a guide to worship the God, it tells the wife to take care of herself and her beauty.
  2. Life outside the Bedroom: It is obvious that bedroom is the safe haven for a married couple to get intimate but still there is a life outside the bedroom as well and that is the fuel that keeps the spark alive. Remember the early days of your marriage, touching your husband in a loving manner, a quick squeeze on his body or a massage or just looking him in a lovely way. All these simple activities ignited your heart all the day and made you to wait for the actual time to come so you could be alone with him and enjoy. Remember, all this is still workable just try this and keep your life outside the bedroom alive as well.  
  3. Foreplay: Foreplay has a vital role in enjoying relationship. It is said that foreplay has the same importance in physical relationship as the fuel in burning a fire. It prepares the human body for all that is about to come just like the stretching prepares the body for a workout. Some women take more time to get comfortable so foreplay is a better way for them to be prepared. Cissing, cuddling, biting, squeezing and sukking the sensual body parts are very good ways to start. You shall tell your husband how and where you like to be touched and always try to spend a good time on foreplay before starting the business.
  4. Massage: A sensual massage can also be used as foreplay and according to some of the experts nothing is better than a hot and sensual massage. Not only because the movement of your life partner’s figures moving on your body will give both of you a feeling of intimacy and being loved, it has an extra benefit of warming up your body and making the blood circulation more proper and giving you a relaxed feeling as well. If you are feeling that your physical relationship has become usual try it, put the lights off and just lit a candle and take a warm massage oil and turn by turn massage each other from head to toe and you will feel the magic by yourselves.
  5. Be Sensual: Keep all your senses alive while being so intimate and feel each and every movement around you. Remember, a couple cannot be closer more than they are during physical relationship. Enjoy the feelings of movement of your partner’s figures on your body and in your hair, the perfumed and refreshing fragrance of the flowers in your room, the soft light of candles. Just try to get the worth of each and every moment while being so intimate worth your husband, there is a lot much to enjoy prior to the last stage. It not a humanly approach to focus on the last stage and waste the joys of physical relationship, it is widely believed that moments of last stage are in a way an announcement of end of the game so it is not wise to waste the joys before the game ends.
  6. Don’t be Predictable: The main reason that diminishes the spark of physical relationship is the attitude of following the same course every time. Naturally no one can eat the most favorite food every time, it will lose its charm within days. There are more than one recipes of cooking the same stuff just to keep the attraction alive. Having physical relationship in the same way as you did at your first night will soon kill the joy of the relationship. Do not welcome the tendency of adopting a specific routine and always try to add something new and that is the actual spice that will keep your life joyful. The actual enjoyment and charm lies in all that is unanticipated, so changing up the things will bring back the joy of lovemaking that you experienced in your early days of marriage. Anything like trying new positions, choosing a different room or doing it on a couch rather the bed or even the kitchen table will be a good change in your set routine. You may try using an extra pillow or cushion while doing it in the any position and the ease and comfort of an extra pillow will add a new spice in the same style.
  7. Give sometime to yourself: Spend some time on yourself and do some preparations before you are going to play the match. Take a nap in the day if you are drowsy or have a hot bath before you go to your partner so that you can be active in bed and not someone like semi-corpse and the fresh fragrance of your body will also be a great attraction for him to touch you. Buying new lingerie or other revealing dress that will give a tempting look to your partner before you get undressed is also worth consideration. You need to keep the spark breathing so keep adding the fuel. Even if you just got free after playing a round and you are not in mood of the same activity tonight, a few hugs before you sleep or talking about how it felt the other day and sharing your fantasies with your partner will keep the fire burning.
  8. Communication: Husband and wife are just like cloths for each other, this is what Islam teaches us. So if you have any problem in your life, anything that is psychological or physical, you must share it with your husband because the communication about what you like or dislike is very much necessary. Feeling pain or missing the peak point and some other are common feelings between women and there are many useful solutions about them so communicate and get to the solutions and enjoy a happy life. Ask your husband to touch you in the manner you like to be touched and tell him how soft or rough touch ignites you. The more you communicate the more you are in ease. Don’t make the physical relation as a weapon in marital kitty fights, when you are annoyed instead of showing no mood of having physical relationship talk about the actual problem and try to resolve. If human beings can enjoy the same food for almost all of their lives, they can have far more joy with the same partner there is just a necessity of using a different recipe and addition of new spice as and when needed.

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