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9 Effective Ways to deal with Job Rejection

Rejection is a part of life and so are ups and downs. Rejection may be in any field, any aspect. It may be in you professional or personal life such as marriage proposal but here we’ll be talking about the job rejection. It’s not just that there is something wrong in you but it may be because of the employer demanding or expecting something else from you or you are not fulfilling the required criteria. One should not be de-motivated or demoralized and take it just light and easy. It’s a very common practice and just normal. Even the top most leaders and successful businessmen, at some point in their lives, faced this tough situation of rejection. Have confidence in yourself and work hard. Improve yourself and search for your mistakes. Face it! This will make it easier in passing this tough time of rejection!

We have seen people around us searching crazily for jobs, sending resumes, sitting unemployed at home, praying a lot to get in somewhere. They find the job they were looking for, apply and get an interview call. They are all happy and sure of getting that respective job. They get well dressed, all ready, giving their best, taking all documents and the interview goes well too. But then they face hard luck and they are rejected somehow. That breaks them! And it’s really difficult to rise up again after this situation.  Getting over this situation is the main key to success. Only then the person can look towards other aspects and start the hunt again. Work on weak points and perform better. Always remember the first step in the route to success is failure. Only that keeps on motivating you to perform more and better till you reach your best! Following are some points regarding managing this situation and may help such people in rising again and not losing hope and confidence in them.

9 Effective Ways to deal with Job Rejection
  1. Don’t be angry: The first and foremost thing is not to get angry or agitated. Anger can spoil everything. Even if things are going to be good, your anger can easily ruin anything so you must have anger management skills to clear up your mind and think what’s next. Take a shower or exercise and cool down yourself, give a break and start it all over again with a new spirit.
  2. Accept it: rejection is not something really huge or something which is unique and is not very common. Each and every person, even the successful leading ones face this at some point in their lives so just take it normal and accept it. You are not the only one facing it. There are thousands of them, around you, facing the same thing.  May be it wasn’t better for you or maybe you went on the wrong path. Correct yourself and accept is as a part of life and struggle.
  3. Search for something positive: To boost up you, one should look towards the brighter side. Because everything has two aspects, search for the positive points. May be this is because you are missing out on some good opportunity and you need to work well and reach there. Count this as you have gained experience and learnt something new. Experiences are important in life and may help you out anytime in future.
  4. Be focused: don’t just search for any odd job and any field. People might be stressed a lot that they start applying in almost any field and consider any criteria even if it’s not related to them. This may also increase rejection. Narrow down your approach and think of proper suitable field or company you should apply in, which suits you. Don’t just go about randomly!
  5. Practice and test yourself: you may not know about your weaknesses. So to know those points you can arrange a pre-interview thing with your friends or family members and ask them to judge you and ask you questions. In this way you might get hold of your mistakes and wrong steps. This way you will learn more and correct yourself, it’ll polish you and make you all ready for the next interview with minimal chances of rejections.
  6. Re-evaluate your resume: There might be something wrong with your resume, something lacking or something extra. May be the pattern is not right or may be its not professional enough. You can always re-evaluate and search out for possible mistakes. You may also get it checked by some professional because they have more idea of what the employee is searching for and can guide you better.
  7. Build in confidence: during your interview you might look really nervous or maybe you were not able to prove yourself due to lack of communication skills and techniques. Learn ways of impressing your boss. Practice communication skills and be fluent and sure of what you are saying and what you mean. Confidence can take you up to next level.
  8. Getting feedback: No matter if you are rejected, always ask for feedback. This will help you know your mistakes and points which were the reason of your rejection. This will help you improve yourself. You might not like to hear something negative about you but this is better for you only. Face it and don’t blame others instead work on it.
  9. Networking: Talk to people and tell them what you are searching for and what are your problems. This may not be that easy and make you feel uncomfortable, but through this, people around you may refer you somewhere or help you out regarding the issue. Networking through Linked-in is also a way by letting people around you to know you.

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