Saturday, January 17, 2015

9 Irritating Questions asked from Indians living in Middle East

Being an Indian now in the world is much more about being a replica of the characters that are shown in our Bollywood movies. Those who become fond of watching the movies from our industry consider that we must be exactly like that. For example, we must know how to play the violin like Raaj from the film Mohabbatein. People from any culture in the world have to deal with frequently asking, annoying stereotypes. Living in the Middle East puts us to be answerable to these questions that are asked by the people we know there or just any random person from the street. As much as their questions come up to be absolutely stupid and irrelevant, they somehow always crack me up more than they should.

  1. You are an Indian, but you look like Pakistani, why? Other annoying questions somewhat revolve around whether Indians are in every country or whether why so many people live in India or why Indians look like Pakistanis? For this I suggest you to open up Wikipedia from where you will surely get your desired answers with all the appropriate stats and pictures! I hope I don't have to any answer any more questions because it's about time that I may outburst. Hopefully this read will answer all the questions asked by the stereotypes.
  2. My Friend is from same city, do you know him? India has got a big population in billions. This is the reason why I don't know your friend even if he or she is from the same city. I rarely know half of the neighbors in my street there, you expect me to carry out hunts for find a friend?
  3. Do you speak Indian? Similarly I have people asking me whether I speak Indian. What the heck is Indian?! That is not even a language my friend.
  4. Have you ever met Bollywood stars? Similarly when they ask me whether I've met any Bollywood stars, I have to enlighten their minds with stats and figures that we live in a country with billions, what are the odds of meeting them?
  5. Are you from Kerala? When I started working at the my firm, a guy sitting next to my desk looks at me from head to toe and then asks me whether I am from Kerala. I haven't ever even been to Kerala and he thinks I am from Kerala! I told him that I was from Calcutta and he began to tell me that he really wants to visit that city not really why.
  6. Do you dance on weddings and functions? On another instance I was asked whether the guys in India dance on our marriages and functions just like they show us in the movies. I was about to burst out laughing. We only wish things could happen to be that fun in our marriages and functions. Sigh.
  7. Do you really eat that must spices? Many people think that Indians put a lot of food in their spices. It isn't wrong of them to think so. We do, yes. But why should that be an issue? Everyone has different taste buds, no? We Indians are eventually used to eating cooked and spicy food not eat anything available whether it's raw or what not. You must try the Paani Poori we have, you'll forget Italian for a week.
  8. Are you going to have arranged marriage or love marriage? One of the MOST annoying questions that I found was whether I'll be having an arranged marriage or not. The question isn't that bad, it’s just how they ask with a cryptic face in case they think I'll be dying soon. MAYBE I'll have an arranged marriage, maybe not. Why should it bother the ones who've gotten married twice, both being arranged marriages?
  9. How do you speak such good English? India has the second largest English speaking population in the world that is why it should be a surprise if my English Speaking skills are so good. I think the question that I was asked for this answer would just be a waste of space to type down.
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