Saturday, January 10, 2015

ATM Scam: Card Skimming Device at Cash Withdrawal Machines

ATM machines are greatly in use these days. People need not to have their cash in their pockets anymore. A sleek and smart ATM card can fulfill your cash needs easily and ATM machines are available almost everywhere in KSA for ease and facilitation of customers. Although use of ATM machines is a secure way to take cash from place to place in order to fulfill money needs but it can be scary in some cases as well. These days a common issue related to ATM card is stealing of ATM information remained in machines where ATM card has recently been used by a user? Authorities have imposed a specific criminal act related to this activity but still people need to bit a little bit careful in order to avoid any inconvenience.

People put their ATM card inside automated machines for transaction and the machine captures their cards information. Organized crime groups has set a planned activity in order to capture passwords of ATM cards in order to use them in offensive and criminal activities such as stealing money and illegal transfer of funds. Such criminal activities are common at ATMs devised on open places where security guards are not available of security cameras are not installed to outlook such criminal activities. Once these criminal will get secured information related to account and ATM card of users, they can easily get card of user for illegal transactions. In order to avoid such illegal activities people need to a bit cautious and careful for secure transactions. Few precautionary measures have to be taken by ATM holders in order to avoid such criminal mishaps.

Tips to Avoid Card Skimming Device at Cash Withdrawal Machines

  1. People should check ATM device for any such possible activity by tempering them. In case any indication to duplication chip or devise is evident, report it to agencies or authorities timely.
  2. For secure transactions, avoid withdrawing money from any such ATM machine that is devised on a side place with less light or crowd availability. Such areas are more prone to incidents and mishaps.
  3. ATM machines where security guards or security cameras are not available, they must be avoided in order avoid any incident from criminals.
  4. In case a card slot is not accepting card or it is hard to insert card don’t push card inside. It is a better option to go for any other machine for secure transaction. Once your card is stuck inside the machine, you can’t remove it without assistance of Bank ATM authorities. In case transaction is being done during night, one can’t get its card back before a reasonable period of time.
  5. It is a better option to choose such areas for ATM transaction where more people and security guards are available. In such areas there is less risk of criminal activities due to more security measures.
  6. ATM machines and cards are modern ways for money mobility but they can be proved dangerous if user is not a careful person. Care is better than cure and one should be careful enough in this regard to avoid any unpleasant activity.

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