Monday, January 26, 2015

Attestation of Distance Education Degree from Saudi Embassy

I have a degree which is obtained through distance education; will Saudi Embassy attest this degree? Will I be able to bring my family here in KSA upon this degree?

Question by Visitor
Steve, it is so good to see people really take care about something which are so important to be known while living in Saudi Arabia. I have few issues with me and would appreciate if you could answer them.
Question: I did my B.Tech Engineering in Distance education & I recently came to know that Saudi council of engineering has stopped approving distance education. Is it true?

Answer by Steve
Normally, they don’t accept distance education degrees. However, there are few cases when they accept the degree and attest them even when they are secured through distance education. I think they accept distance education degrees from famous institutes only.

Question by visitor
My profession in iqama is marketing specialist. It is present in your above eligible profession list to bring family. I have completed my attestation and translation procedures in India for my marriage certificate. But my degree certificate is not getting approved by Saudi embassy. In this case how I can bring my wife in permanent visa.

Answer by Steve
If your degree is not attested by the Saudi Embassy, you cannot bring your wife to Saudi Arabia. If you have some other degree  which is not a distant learning education degree, you can change your profession and apply for the permanent family visa again.

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