Friday, January 2, 2015

Best Profession to come on Azad Visa – Aamil Aadi

Question by Visitor
Dear Steve, I am planning to buy azad visa for my younger brother. My brother is Instrument Engineer and I have possibility of getting Aamil Aadi visa. Please can you let me know the following?
  1. Is now a days people are coming on azad visa and taking transfers from the kafeel to company?
  2. Is 2 years rule to stay with first kafeel is active or one can take transfer as soon as he fill find the job?
  3. If he finds job in engineering company and company transfer him as aamil. After transfer, is it possible to change the profession from aamil to engineer if we fulfill the requirements?

Answer by Steve
  1. First of all, I would like to tell you that Aamil Aadi is best choice among all the labor professions. Yes people come on this visa but I would like to remind you that it is illegal to trade in visa. I do not suggest anyone to buy visa and come here. People are still coming but flow has been reduced significantly due to high risk of being detained.
  2. The current status of 2 year rule for transfer of sponsorship has been given in this link, have a look here “Two Years Rule for Transfer of Sponsorship
  3. He can easily change the profession after being transferred provided that he has all the required documents. I would like you to read this article for details Changing Iqama Profession in Saudi Arabia

Question by Visitor
What is the difference between aamil and aamil addi. I have offer of aamil visa, will it be ok to change it to instrument engineer later on.

Answer by Steve
Aamil means labor and Aamil Aadi means general labor. I have not seen any visa with a profession of only "Aamil". You need to check which Aamil is it. If visa is of any other profession than Aamil Aadi, there can be problem in getting a job as well as changing the visa.

Question by Visitor
Thank you Brother for your time and support! May Allah reward you, for the help you are giving to the people through your blog. Regarding the profession, I have received copy of visa, and against MEHNA it is written Just AAMIL. So In Sha Allah it will be OK.

Answer by Steve
I am happy that his visa is processed. I hope he will secure a good job here. Ask him to contact me through the facebook page I am managing. I will try to help him. Remember me in your prayers.

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