Friday, January 30, 2015

Concept of Birth Control in Saudi Arabia

Within the fold of Islam it has been often said that the more a woman gives birth, the more she is closer to heaven. This is obviously a translation that I tried to do. They call these women a lady from the Heaven in Arabic. To have a child is a blessing that is given by Allah and thus not many women of Saudi Arabia or women of the Muslim states will support the use of birth control. However, there are many that do support the use of birth control. Today's read will be an outline of the support to either of the choices, whether birth control is allowed or not.

Against Birth Control
To start off with the main question to ask is whether women support the idea that birth control should be used. Many of the women do not support it. The reasons being that having a child is a blessing and one has no right is questioning God's decisions. These women are usually the ones who remain within the boundaries of their homes and are more conservative in terms of thinking. These women also have no further education, even University education that does not allow them to think about the facts such as health problems that may arise after continuous pregnancy. These women want to be good mothers and ideal house wives and nothing more. They have a proper set up and they do not care about anything other than their family. I am not criticizing these women but mentioning a fact. Even my wife is one of those women, so there is no offense.

In Support of Birth Control
To talk about the other half there are a few women who actually support the use of birth control and consider it their right to keep the population under control. Family planning is an important part of marriage and a lot of things have to be taken into consideration before having children. One of the most important factors to consider for them is whether the husband and family can bear the expenses or not. It takes a lot of responsibility to take care of a child and if they cannot afford it one shouldn't have them. Other factors are that women know exactly the problems that may be associated after getting pregnant several times back to back. In some books and magazines it was told that if a woman is feeding she shouldn't have another child during that period because it can be dangerous for her health as well as the child she already has.

Other reasons within this include that there may be some transmissible diseases and thus breaks should be taken after a pregnancy in order to protect the child and mother. There were a lot of different views and discussions on this topic though I couldn't easily bring about proper information regarding this because of the different point of views. There are many women who move into the state who use birth control but there are many who don't. A women's health is her own responsibility and mainly depends on how she wants to treat her body. Nothing should be done that may cause harm to one’s self; this would be just be like committing suicide, no? Think about it.


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