Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Can a Muslim bring his Hindu (Mushrik) wife to KSA on family Visa?

Can a Muslim bring his Hindu (Mushrik) wife to KSA on family Visa?

Question 1
I am a Muslim and my wife is a practicing Hindu. We have married under the Special Marriages Act in India. I am working here as a doctor. Can I apply for a family visit visa so she can come and join me here?

Answer by Steve
I think there will be no problem since you married her in India where it is legal to marry Hindus. But still there is a little confusion because it is not allowed in Islam so they may create some problem. Actually, Islam does not permit marriage of Muslim and "Mushrik". Hindus are treated to be "Mushriks" in Islam. But I would encourage you or anyone reading this post to share your experience with us if you have gone through this procedure.

Question 1 (2)
But Non-Muslims are given visas to come to Saudi Arabia normally isn't it?
Answer by Steve
Yes it is generally given

Question 2
My friend is a Muslim and his wife is Christian, His IQAMA profession is "Decoration Technician". If he applies for permanent family visa in KSA, does government approve his visa? Because he is very much concerned about the religion of his wife, as there were many religious restrictions here. If government didn't approve his family visa, then what's next? Whether he needs to change the wife's religion in passport? Is there any other solution?

Answer by Steve
There will be no problem since marriage of Muslim and Christians is allowed even in Islam.

Question 2 (2)
If his wife is Hindu or another religion, will there be any issue then?
Answer by Steve
I am not sure but they may create problem since the marriage is not allowed in Islam.


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