Thursday, January 15, 2015

Can Saudis survive without Expatriates?

Saudi Arabia is one of the fastest growing countries which annually makes more than one can ever imagine. The life of a Saudi is not only luxurious but it seems to have anything one would ever hope to have. This country brings in people from all around the world to work for them as engineers, plumbers, carpenters, gardeners, cooks and so on but maybe their importance isn't recognized as it should be.

Living the life of a Saudi would be anyone's dream, driving in huge luxurious cars with drivers from India. Moving about the city in taxis or hired limos with drivers from Pakistan. Wish to try Indian Food in Saudi Arabia look no further, drive by to the nearest restaurant managed by Indians themselves to bring out the true taste. Your garden needs a cut? Don't worries you can call in the Bangladeshi Gardner who will simply ask for money and will make everything seem so fresh.

We may seem to forget and thank these less experienced or semi-skilled workers that we call in from different countries from all around the world. They come into our state to earn and help us just for a fraction of what a Saudi earns. In several forums, I had come to observe that many people do not wish to keep these expatriates as they think they are just a reason for over population. Maybe they have forgotten that these expatriates may come in as Sweepers and cleaners to cater to the littering done by our population. Every day they make sure that our roads and parks remain clean and free from litter and garbage. They pick up things that one may not even wish to see. Have we ever considered the fact that they are humans just like us but they are doing things which we can't or won't.

I have always wanted to understand the reasons behind why do these expatriates won't pay a visit home every once in a little while. After personally having interviews with a few in my locality I came to know that they wish to save the expenses that would come in them going back home. Instead they save up that money and send it home to their family. These brave and courageous people stick to the land they work and make sure that every Riyal they work comes to them because of their hard work and nothing more.

It is this sense of care and consideration that one may wonder as to why they should be sent back. We do need them. Now! Everyday! Even if we don't want to admit it, but we do. So today I ask for one favor, thank these expatriates for their services. I know they are paid for what they do but trust me there is so much more which they go through every day more than we may have to in our life time. Our Lord has blessed us; people like these make us realize the bounties even more!

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