Friday, January 23, 2015

Category: Humor

  1. 7 things that Arabs say but don’t really mean it every time
  2. 11 Stupid Questions asked by People in Saudi Arabia
  3. Bhangra, Biryani, Sherwani: Canada’s New Prime Minister is actually Pakistani
  4. 12 Things Only Pakistanis Who Live in Saudi Arabia Will Understand
  5. Size does matter: Saudi woman got divorce from husband for his short size
  6. 9 Insane Struggles you may have to face in Saudi Arabia without Air Conditioner (AC)
  7. Saudi Groom calls on Civil Defence to rescue him on his Wedding Night
  8. You are too fat to marry my Daughter – Saudi Father
  9. Are you alive? Bring a witness! Only in Saudi Arabia
  10. Wife dropped the demand for Housemaid when Husband brought Pretty Maid
  11. Useful Tips to become Miserable Expat in Saudi Arabia
  12. Did Hitler really kill the German Cricket Team?
  13. Wife deflates tires of Husband’s vehicle for 2nd Marriage
  14. Cat on Saudi Airlines Flight Delays Flight by 3 Hours
  15. 9 Reasons Why Having A Sibling Is One Of the Life’s Biggest Gifts
  16. 5 Famous Slaps by Bollywood Celebrities
  17. Traffic Violations of SR 300,000 – Revenge of Saudi wife over husband’s second marriage
  18. You know you live in Saudi Arabia when…
  19. 7 Type of Guys found on Matrimonial Websites
  20. Indian Bride Marries to the Wedding Guest
  21. A Comparison between Husband from Saudi Arabia and Finland
  22. House for Sale with Free WIFE just for $75,000
  23. Plz don’t get puzzled if Saudis say “Insha Allah”
  24. Disadvantages of being born in Urdu Speaking Families
  25. Why Lion was upset in Saudi Arabia?
  26. Tal Bukra, Come Tomorrow - A common phrase in KSA
  27. 11 Types of our Friends on Facebook
  28. 9 Irritating Questions asked from Indians living in Middle East
  29. 20 Most Amusing Laws around the World
  30. Top 10 Fattest Countries in the World
  31. 6 Ways - How Life has changed from 1990’s till now
  32. Flight Attendant Reveals Most Irritating Passengers Habits
  33. Arabic to English Translation Mistakes (Blunders)


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