Thursday, January 8, 2015

9 Common Cultural Shocks to be encountered in Saudi Arabia

There are number of people visit KSA every year. Some stay here for job purposes and some come in and go after a short tour. One should get prepared for the differences in culture to be encountered in KSA. KSA has a rich culture and background due to its importance as historical place of Muslims. Especially tourists visiting KSA for Holy pilgrimage and for Umrah purpose should prepare themselves for various shocks and discrimination at first place. It will help them to get prepared for any kind of shock absorbency timely.

Common Cultural Shocks to be encountered in Saudi Arabia 
  1. In Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn till dusk. They remain away from any kind of food items or physical activities. They offer prayers five times a day and strictly follow this practice during whole month. Foreigner working or residing in KSA have to follow this practice to some extent. They have to abstain from taking liquor or eating or drinking in front of any of the fasting person. In case of any dis obedience people have to face serious consequences by authorities.
  2. KSA is one of the richest countries of the world, still it has conservative natives. Tourist and foreigners should be careful while dressing up regarding code of dress. It is not open to whatever one wants to do or wear. People have to follow strict rules outside their homes and even inside for some cases.
  3. It is strictly prohibited to talk inside the territory of a mosque and women have to wear abaya’s no matter who they are.
  4. No woman can drive car or go outside without accompanying her mehram.
  5. People can’t bash each other publicly or openly. Liberty of statement is not allowed in KSA.
  6. Women can’t stay in single compartments except few places.
  7. KSA has richest families and even one can encounter governmental officers with high class vehicles which even a successful business man in other countries hardly afford like Ferrari etc. they use such high specification cars for chasing sports cars of elite families who commit crime of traffic violations etc. precious metals are commonly engraved on different places in Kingdom. Some may have studded diamonds on their cars and some may have devised gold knobs. Simply stating people of KSA are wealthy as well as pride of their wealth.
  8. Saudis are more prone to home delivery services. All companies and restaurants offer home delivery services and they are welcomed by people. Off course when there is too hot outside who would like to go outside for any kind of task. People prefer paying delivery charges for food items and other products and this culture is very common in whole Kingdom. This extra addiction to home delivery services make people more lazy and lethargic for their routine life activities. This is not end of the list; people may encounter several other shocks during their visit to KSA.
  9. Simply speaking there are so many restrictions which Americans and other foreigners have to follow while residing in Kingdom.
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