Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Comparison between Arab Husband and American Husband

Women are more attracted towards certain aspects and specifications of a man. It is difficult to judge whether a woman like much about a man his color, his values, looks, richness, nationality or his life style. I guess the most appealing thing about a man is his way to take care of his woman. Woman feel more secure and pampered when their men own them and feel pride to introduce them publically. Various foreigner women residing in KSA have crush over Arab Husbands due to their beauties, riches and high life standard. There is far difference between an American husband and Arab Husband. One should be aware of this difference in order to keep her expectation under limits to avoid any kind of shock after marriage.

Comparison between Arab Husband and American Husband
  1. An Arab Husband is allergic to wedding ring as compare to an American Husband who always wears wedding ring or band proudly to show he is committed with a woman in a long term relationship. 
  2. An American Husband starts caring about a woman after he gets married with her instead An Arab Husband who cares more in the beginning of marriage and level of care start diminishing as the marriage progresses. (This is not the case in every situation; there are Arabs who are considered best husbands)
  3. An Arab Husband is more family oriented as compare to an American Husband who keeps on thinking who can be his next girlfriend.
  4. An American Husband tries to help his woman in domestic tasks as well as in other social concerns, whereas An Arab Husband at maximum can hire maids and servants to help out his wife.
  5. An American Husband feels pride to meet his girlfriend publicly whereas An Arab Husband always try to pretend himself as a single no matter how many wives he already has.
  6. American Husbands try to accompany their life partners from wedding night to labor room till the birth of his child. Whereas it is not permissible for An Arab Husband to enter in labor room in order to give moral courage to his partner during her painful time.
  7. Americans gift their wives jewelry, diamonds, gold and platinum on various occasions and they forward it to their generations as their family norm. An Arab Husband is very gracious in giving expensive gifts and jewelry irrespective of the number of wives he has. He keeps the wives in full ease and comfort till the time he divorces them.
  8. There is no age difference issue between Arab couples. An American Husband would maximum marry a woman with 5 to ten years age difference. An Arab Husband can easily marry a girl with age difference of more than 50 or 60 years.
  9. American Husbands are not inclined for marriages until they find a perfect match whom they consider is best for them. On the other hand Arab Husbands marry first and look for perfect match after that. 
  10. When American Husband dies, his whole property directly transfers to his legal partner. When An Arab Husband dies, his property is to be distributed between his children, number of wives and parents plus siblings.
  11. There are a lot of differences between An Arab Husband and an American Husband, the prominent of them are cultural and richness. Arabs are richest all over the world and have same luxurious habits and life styles. Due to status and cultural differences both communities have different habits and life styles.

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