Thursday, January 8, 2015

Copies of Quran with Errors detected in Saudi Arabia

Quran is the most authentic and reliable book ever in this universe. It has not only maintained its authenticity since centuries but also has assured that the ordinance it carries should remain same since centuries. All holy books which were revealed on Prophets before Holy Prophet PBUH changed with the passage of time. This is the only Holy book to which God himself has taken the responsibility to guard its words and orders.

In the same context a case arose during recent days which witnessed errors in text printing of Holy Quran. Authorities have taken prompt action in this regard and have seized printing of such copies in further. The printed Quran with errors not only showcased misinterpretation in regard of other schools of thought and religions. It could have caused social destruction and anarchy in case had not stopped in time.

The inquiries made in this regard have revealed that those copies of Quran were printed in different countries outside the KSA.  Due to this reason the proper check could not be established by Ministry of Islamic affairs, clarified by minister of Islamic affairs Sheikh Saleh al-Sheikh. People residing in different Islamic countries had got those copies and distributed among visitors and natives of KSA in good faith. Those well-wishers got copies from their native countries and distributed among people without authenticating the reliability level of text. Those copies were distributed in different mosques of KSA. No authentication had been made regarding reliability or solidity of printing agencies, which published those copies of Holy Quran.

When enquired nobody knew about the authenticity of such copies of Quran and the source was missing from where these copies came. Well the ministry of Islamic affairs has banned copies with errors and launched a campaign to create awareness that not every copy of Holy Quran is secured. It has encouraged people to report any such error in time when seen. People should not rely on Quran published by unauthentic sources and printing agencies.

 In case any of such error comes on surface again, people require reporting to Islamic affairs cell in order to make timely rectification possible. No doubt Allah SWT has taken responsibility of Quran but it is a religious obligation of all Muslims to be conscious about authenticity of Quran. It is obligatory to read and understand Quran and preserve it in our hearts.

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