Thursday, January 1, 2015

Couples Living in the same Flat before Marriage

It’s time for another basic read again that will enlighten you about more and more laws and regulations that are followed in the Islamic countries of the world. Today I’ve picked up a very common issue and something one will observe every day in the western states but rarely in the Islamic ones. Today I’ll be communicating to you regarding the issue of unmarried couples living together and whether it is allowed in the Islamic countries or not. Well frankly it isn’t, but the bigger issue to bring and talk about is whether it’s happening in those states or not!

For most people who visit the Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia have to live a very restricted life even if they are married. They cannot hold hands or kiss in public. Other countries like the United Arabia Emirates have a bit of leniency. However they are still a bit keen to observe whether or whether not married couples are allowed to live on their life in public. Now coming towards the main part, how do unmarried couples live in the Islamic countries? They don’t. One cannot think about being unmarried and sharing rooms or living under a single home. It is FORBIDDEN. And those of who do try to break this law have to compensate for it with prison. Two people who have had sex and are unmarried are stoned to death if found by the authorities. In the United Arab Emirates however there is a bit more leniency towards this since usual most of the people who arrive in the states are tourists. Every hotel does not ask whether they are married or unmarried. And not every single person is concerned with their lives. All what is important is that they do not cross certain limits. Legally living under the same roof in Dubai is not allowed but you can hold hands or hug one another in public, unlike in Saudi Arabia.

My Major thought that needs to deliver to you all is that when visiting certain countries it’s best to make sure that you abide by the laws of the particular state because if caught for doing illegal acts you may be punished. For instance if unmarried and having sex a couple is caught in UAE they may be imprisoned for a year and then they have to be deported from the country. In United Arabia Emirates usually tourists that arrive do not need to give in their proper details that whether they are single or married. They will simply take down their names. However if Muslims a lot of care has to be taken because then they are subjected to the Sharia Law effectively! In such situations is best to make sure that some women who keep on their family surname even after marriage must carry along their marriage certificate for proof. It’s always best to be on the safe side rather then get into trouble. Right?

I don’t have much to guide you on. Living together and being unmarried is a common sight to see in the Western Countries and Regions but here in Islamic countries it a huge matter of pride and dignity. The laws have to be abided to and everything unmarried or married couples do must be in certain limits that others who may be watching do not complain against you!

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