Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Difference between Supernatural or Paranormal

Who doesn't have a thrill after watching some horror movie? Who doesn't want to know the answers to all the natural happenings in Paranormal Activity? Who doesn't want to get an answer for all the Supernatural mishaps that happen around the world? Who Doesn't? That’s a major question we often ask and after a while or so neglect to answer simply because it is beyond our limits to think about. We often Associate Paranormal and supernatural to be the same thing though there is a vast difference in both these terms. Today's read is specially written to address to all those who unfortunately think they both are exactly the same thing and just synonyms to one another.

To start with, I'll begin with giving you the definitions for both paranormal and supernatural. Paranormal is a phenomena that hasn't been discovered as yet, scientifically. This means that in a few years from now we may possibly get the answers for all that we title Paranormal, in a few years from now we'll be able to give logic and sense to some phenomena’s. Supernatural however is a more complicated term used for all those phenomena’s that cannot be discovered ever. These phenomena’s usually go hand in hand with religion and things like virgin birth, resurrection, phenomena’s that have appeared in Christianity, existence of ghosts, doing magic, able to see some non-physical creatures in your house etc.

To better explain paranormal I have much of examples such as Big Foot mainly. We all know that is a mythical creature. But it is something we don't fully believe in. We however are divided into two groups, one who believe in Big Foot and the other who doesn't. Paranormal means that one day we might find the actual story behind Big Foot, was he some creature that was experimented on in some lab? Probably some years from now we'll have a proper answer to it and either group will outshine the rest.

Supernatural however cannot be explained. Like I said earlier, supernatural and Religion go hand in hand with one another. Many people who believe in the religion automatically believe in phenomena’s that are supernatural. It becomes difficult for me to portray my view over this because there are infinite things that have occurred over the past. Mainly phenomena’s that are given by the Holy Books of Islam of how a staff turned into a serpent, or how a virgin gave birth to a child or how that very child spoke to people as an infant. Quran talks about the existence of Jinns and 1.5 billions living on the globe believe in it. Many claim that they have felt something with them which they cannot see. If you talk about Saudi Arabia, we have published several articles which you can find at the end of the link where public claims about Haunted houses.

These are things that I perfectly believe in, however many may not. I might bring Supernatural, religion and faith together. All three of these things may cause us to believe in the term ‘supernatural’. Answers to these Phenomena we may never be able to answer.  Supernatural basically can never be replicated or made in a laboratory; it is something that can never be understood by the human mind. You can't make a miracle in a science lab, no one can. Similarly one can never observe a god, an angle or a spirit. These are all what we must believe in. Similarly as we wonder who created the planets, the stars, the sun, us humans and all that is nature?

The term supernatural first appeared in the 15th Century whereas Paranormal occurred later in the 1920's. With this you should be able to answer one question very easily, that being which term should one fear more? Supernatural or Paranormal? The answer is obviously supernatural, since you'll never know of what it may be caused by, when it may be caused or what is the actual story behind it. It's all buried in some place where we won't ever get to, something we'll never know. So now instead of wasting time on Paranormal Activity we can watch Supernatural, the TV Series with much interest!

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