Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Differences in Bottled Water between USA and KSA

The first thing which has to be taken care by expats living in KSA is water of the country. Of course water plays a major role in metabolic activities. People who live in KSA have to focus on their diet especially water usage. For this suitable water has to be chosen in order to avoid several abdominal and skin disorders.  People usually get confused about tap water and bottled water and key differences between bottled water of KSA and US. Bottled water is obviously filtered water available in all regions of world. Despite of this there are some significant differences between bottled water of KSA and US. The packaging difference is visible and that’s obvious but there is difference in quality and packaging as well.

The taste of bottled water available in KSA is far different than water available in US. The taste of the water is significantly different from bottled water available in USA. The packaging material for water preservation and delivery also vary from place to place and material of KSA bottles in more durable and high quality. In USA state prefer recycling of materials again and again and then use them again for same purposes. This practice is considered as environment friendly and is encouraged by people and state. Bottles in KSA are not recycled and every time new material is used for packaging of water.

People are recommended to use bottled water for drinking in KSA as it relives expats from many problems at first place. Tap water is not that much reliable. Although tap water available in KSA is supplied through sea and is further filtered in desalinization plant but still tap water is not drinkable. On the other hand tap water in USA is more reliable for drinking purpose. However there are various states in US where tap water is not available for drinking purpose and state has announced it non suitable for drinking purpose.

There are so many flavors available in KSA in drinking water. Every super store has a aisles specifically for flavored waters like Qassim, Soda water and Perrier and so many others same like different brands available in USA. People who visit KSA on and off and have been residing inside for years can easily use water of their own choice. This way they can avoid several disorders and dehydration in hot weather of KSA.

Somehow bottled water available in KSA and US are same with few differences. They can be used and chosen by residents as well as expats without any hesitation. Beverages and drinks are even more preferred by people especially belonging to executive class. The selection for bottled water need to be made with care as it may have long term consequences in case wrong choice is made by users. Selecting water may be taken as a routine matter but in crucial climate of KSA it must be taken as a serious selection for prevention from dehydration and skin problems.

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