Monday, January 5, 2015

Documents Attestation for Work Visa Processing of Saudi Arabia

Question by Visitor
Can one attest the degrees beforehand? As the company is processing my visa at the moment, so to save time I could start the process of attestation now from India (as am an Indian) and then go there and complete the remaining formalities. Also, I have been given family status and would like to bring my wife along with me when I go to Saudi. Can the company not apply for her too (in that case I shall attest my marriage certificate as well)? Kindly let me know if all this is possible in any way!

Answer by Steve
Try to attest everything you have. You will need a letter for the attestation of your degrees. Once Iqama is issued for you, you can apply for the permanent family visa. Procedure has been explained in this link, “Apply for Permanent Family Visa

Question by Visitor
Some more queries if you don’t mind me asking:
  1. Attest everything as in, Degree cert. and marriage cert. (just married) should be enough right?
  2. The letters are point 2. you mentioned above? Also, as an alternative, wont the offer letter attested from CoC from Saudi done by my employer work?
  3. My company hasn’t mentioned what category visa they've applied; so if they apply a normal visa which doesn’t require attested degrees should I go with it, as I don’t want to go there on any other category which involves violating the law.
  4. Lastly, my offer letter says 'Field Engineer' but Bachelor degree says 'Chemical Engineerr'. Will that be a problem?

Answer by Steve
Your employer will assign an agent to process your visa. These agents know how to attest degrees and how to do the rest of the things. Just let them do the work. Grease out some money to them and you know everything is possible in India. Even if you come here on another profession of visa, you may apply again for the change of profession once you are in KSA.

Question by Visitor
Thanks a lot for easing the pressure because I was going nuts about the procedures I would have to undergo just to get there and work. In fact I was starting to consider other offers. Could you tell me how much time the attestation would take from your experience knowing the system and all? People have scared the crap out of me saying it takes minimum 2.5 - 3 months!!

Answer by Steve
Actually it depends upon the agent who is taking care of your degrees but make your mind for at least 1 month. When you are coming to KSA, you need to learn one thing and it is PATIENCE. You will need it since the day you will be stepping in Saudi Arabia.

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