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Downgrading Profession in Saudi Arabia

Question by Visitor
I am a wife of an Industrial Engineer and I am with my husband who is working here in Saudi Arabia and he is about to end his contract at the end of the month of July 2014. The problem is that our Iqama is for renewal and it is expired in June 2014 as my husband needed to comply with all the requirements by the Saudi Council of Engineering. Unfortunately sir, our document was lost from sea freight shipping and there’s no way to find out. I have a scan copy of my husband Authenticated Certificate but it’s just only the cover page that I saved, the diploma and the transcript I have now is just an old copy from the school.

The Saudi Council of Engineering needs a copy of CAV transcript and diploma but we don’t have it right now because it was lost from the sea freight. How can we renew our iqama since we don’t have yet the documents that they needed? I am asking if he can apply for a change of profession or downgrade his profession just to renew our iqama and so there will be no need to register to SEC, since we are about to Final exit from Saudi Arabia. Until now we have not even withdrawn our salary thru ATM because bank has frozen our bank account. It will be activated if our iqama is renewed. Please help us!

Answer from Steve
He can downgrade his profession to be a General Labor so that Iqama can be renewed. After that, he will have to process your Final exit immediately because I doubt if he would be able to keep you under his sponsorship with labor profession. After that, with the end of the contract, his employer will process an exit for him as well. As soon as the Iqama is renewed, he will have to go to bank to reactive his frozen bank account. The procedure to reactivate the frozen bank account is given in this link “Reactivate Frozen Bank Account

Question by Visitor
Hi Steve, what if the company is the one who decided to downgrade his profession so that we can renew our iqama and settle our issue in bank? Is it possible that he can keep me until the date of his Final exit? Anyway the company already provided us our ticket and scheduled it, is there any problem with that?

Answer by Steve
As I said earlier, I am doubtful about the situation. I personally think both of you can stay together till the time of  final exit since intention of renewing iqama is to process the final exit.

Comment by Visitor
Thank you very much! Steve, now I can relay this topic we had with my husband, and for us to decide what the best we can do. Honestly, I want to go home with my husband not feeling well to go home alone. And there are a lot of things here to be settled, and I want to help him for that issue. For now, how I wish that Saudi Council for Engineers can accept the document that we have...once again thank you very much, I really appreciate and it gives a big help.

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