Thursday, January 8, 2015

Download Quran Ruku by Ruku (Arabic+Urdu) – Single Click

One of the readers of this blog has shared with us the Quran (Ruku by Ruku) in in Arabic with Urdu Translation. He has downloaded all the Rukus from one website one by one. It took him a long time to download the whole quran ruku by ruku with Urdu Translation but here he has uploaded it as one file. So, you can download the Quran in Urdu translation from the link which has been given below. The basic point behind downloading the Quran Ruku by Ruku is that;

  1. You can play it via USB in your car. It will stop at the same ruku when you stop the car and will restart at the time you turn the engine of your car on.
  2. If you download the Quran Sura by Sura and lets say you are listening to Sura Baqra. It will not be finished obviously in 20, 30 minutes. Once you switch off the engine and switch it on, it will restart Sura Baqra.
  3. You can download the whole Quran in just a single click from here
  4. If you don’t want to download it, let’s share it at least one our Facebook wall. If somebody else downloads and listens to it, we will get reward.


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