Thursday, January 29, 2015

Electricity Volts in Saudi Arabia - 110 or 220

A common problem that a newbie in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must face knows about how things are done and run within. When you move to the Kingdom you will have to get to know a lot of things such as how to communicate, how to move about the country, the rights and laws of the state etc. But one of the most important things for you to first consider once you are about to move into a house you should know exactly what voltage switches your new house is installed with.

Guessing that is a very stupid question, trust me it's not. When I am talking about the things you may have to go over when going through your new space make sure that you ask the owner or property dealer about the details of the switches of the house in order to save your precious appliances from burning down and playing dead, permanently. It has happened many time that people who are unaware of the volt marking mentioned of the switches of their homes. On most extreme cases this hap hazard can result in an outbreak of fire and that may take in your whole house including some lives God forbid!

Once you make sure that you know exactly what voltage your house switches provide make sure you don't immediately install heavy appliances on them. On worst case scenarios there have been times that the whole house does not have only one type of voltage instead they have several switches in each room, some operating for 110 volts and others for 220 volts. That is mainly how things go now right? The reason behind having different voltages around the house is because one could protect their devices and appliances from becoming a pile of burned rubber and plastic. The different voltages can be used for normal switches such as charging, television etc. Other heavy appliances such as your refrigerator and vacuum cleaners can be plugged in to the 220 volt supply.

Vacuum cleaners although are there for helping out man make cleaning easier, in these cases usually become the first case of breaking down if not connected to the correct volt supply. What you should also consider that in the different cities of Saudi Arabia, different rules apply. In Mecca the volt is fixed however in Riyadh every household may have a different voltage than the other, like mentioned above it may differ from every other switch in the house as well. So the next time you're about to plug in your appliances make sure you have enough knowledge on what volt does that switch give out and whether it is capable enough of taking the life of your appliances or yours!

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