Thursday, January 8, 2015

Experience of Converting UAE Driving License to Saudi Driving License

Regular reader of the blog Mr. Aqi has just shared his experience of converting his UAE Driving License to Saudi Driving License. We have already shared the procedure in detail in this link “Conversion of UAE Driving License into Saudi Driving License”. If you are intending to convert your UAE Driving License into Saudi Driving License, it is my recommendation to read the link shared before and below experience as well. From now onwards, Aqi will be sharing his experience.

Experience of Converting UAE Driving License to Saudi Driving License
  1. Hi Steve, just want to share my experience here in Sulay Dallah Driving School, Riyadh.  The whole process of converting UAE Driving License to Saudi Driving License took less than one hour. I prepared the following things with me.
    • Original Iqama & copy
    • UAE Driving License (Original & Copy)
    • 1 Photo
    • Passport Copy
    • Visa Page Copy
    • Blood Group Report (it cost me 25 Riyal)
    • License Payment Transaction Receipt (400Riyal - 10 Years) (Payment was done online Samba Account as a new license category)
  2. I reached Dallah Driving School Sulay Riyadh, and one guy asked, new file? He took 20 Riyal and prepared one file along with Arabic Driving License Form (he filled himself), Iqama Copy, Passport Copy, Visa Copy, Payment Receipt, Blood Group Report and UAE Driving License was stapled with the form.
  3. When I reached on reception, told them that I need to replace Saudi Driving License with my UAE License. After taking token, went on 14 number counter (Eye Test), no eye test taken :-) but he stamped the form.
  4. Then next step Trial, came out from reception and went left side, in their training area. I asked to drive Automatic, same was provided. I was asked to drive 5 feet ahead and 3 feet in reverse, that's it. Even instructor forced me don't wear belt, just drive. I did the same.
  5. After finishing, came on counter # 14 again, and told him that trial is done. He asked me, do you want to take back your UAE License or no. I told him, No. He wrote in Arabic on the form and retuned my file.
  6. Again, from Reception, I took token for accounts counter # 18. They took my file and asked me to wait. 7 minutes later, one person came and announced my name on mic and gave me my Saudi Driving License.

Note: when I was in Dubai, and was planning to shift here in Saudi Arabia. That time, I took extra driving license by reporting lost. I had to pay 110/- Dirhams & had 2 driving license. Now the old one I have given for Saudi driving license and new one still with me. This is the best idea to keep both licenses with you. And thanks for your efforts; I was guided in many ways for all kind of problems through your blog. Keep it up.

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