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Facts you must know about Gaza, Palestine

We have been hearing so much about Gaza from a long time. Before that no one as such knew anything about Gaza. It came in light mainly due to the attacks on Gaza by Israelis and the Gaza-Israel conflict. Israel took control over Gaza, did every cruel thing which is possible, took people in to prison, killed males, females and even children, raped the daughters of Muslims and tore them into pieces after using them. Took over their homes and ruined their lives. It’s like a War. Everyone knows about this conflict but people should know about the actual facts and history about Gaza. Here we are mentioning some facts and figures about Gaza which most of the people might not know.

Government of Gaza
Gaza initially was ruled by Egypt. By 1967 it was replaced by Israelis. Israelis took control over each and every affair of Gaza from import export to basic necessities of life. They took power and control over military and marine bases. By 2005, Hamas took the control after they won the elections held by Palestinian authority and legislature, but still Israelis didn’t with draw completely and interfere in few affairs.

The Location of Gaza
Gaza is a land which is very densely populated. There are no forests, caves or any place for hiding or carrying out any secret plans. Gaza along with west bank is a part of Palestinian territory. The neighbor towards south west is Egypt for 11km and along 51km towards east and north is Israel. Gaza is a rectangular strip of land which is 10km wide and 45 km long. It lies along banks of the Mediterranean Sea. The climate is usually hot dry summers with risk of drought and very mild winters.

Inhabitants of Gaza
It is inhabited by Palestinians, but from some time as we know it is surrounded by Israelis. The population growth rate of Gaza is 2.91% according to records of 2014 which is ranked 13th highest in the world. Due to such high population growth rate the percentage of unemployed population is also very high. There is poverty and daily average income is around 2$. Just imagine, on average a person earns SR 7.50 per day. About 1.60 million Palestinians were living in this Gaza strip by 2010. Majority were refugees. 99.8% of the population living is Sunni Muslim.


Who are Hamas?
Hamas is the largest group among the Islamic Palestinian Groups. It is an Arabic word which means “Enthusiasm”. It basically means for Islamic resistance movement. Their main aim and wish is to make Gaza, Israel free.

Economy of Gaza
Gaza’s economy is severely affected because of Israelis taking control over each and every entry to the land, import export, fishing industry, airbases, marine bases, etc. The economy was mainly based on fishing industry. There was a total ban on fishing by Israelis till June 2006, which was then lifted and just allowed to do fishing in some areas, which is about six nautical miles off the Gaza Coast. This restriction was also to prevent smuggling of weapons. The industries are also on very small scale and there is poverty in the region.

No Go Zone
A buffer zone or no-go zone of 1km is demarcated by Israelis. Even if by mistake anyone enters the area, he is shot dead at sight. There are scanners placed in that area which can detect anyone coming near this restricted area. This zone of Gaza is ruled by Israelis, making them dependent for food, water, electricity, entry and exit and any sort of aid.

Secret passages and tunnels
These military Tunnels play a very important role and serve many functions in the life of Palestinians. These are used to control remote controlled rocket launchers, means of communication, to hide ammunitions, kidnapping Israeli civilians and many more.

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