Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fake Sick Leave Report Available at SR 100

Back in the old days, adults wouldn't take leaves from their work considering it an act of dishonesty. Students would be so loyal towards their school and their work that they never complained and enjoyed going to gain education. Now however the tables have turned. Children find going to school a waste of time, they think they can learn better of over the internet and adults replicate much of this and try to get their way done by not working effectively and dedicatedly. Similarly they are now able to have everything their way by getting for themselves fake medical reports as a monthly bonus!

Recently some reports and investigations around Saudi Arabia have shown that some advertisements show case that they are willing to sign you official medical leave reports only for SR 100. So now students and both adults can avail the opportunity and take off for a long weekend if they want. One can simply respond to the advertisement and get at least three days off. While reading these advertisements one can have a good laugh on the fact that these particular parties offer discounts if medical reports are bought in bulk.

These advertisement companies always make sure that they get the reports either delivered to the company or the person rather than meeting them. This way they stay out of forgery and get their tasks done effectively. Since now this fake medical report issuing has come under the spotlight the authorities have stated that this is an act of forgery and person involved, whether selling or buying may be subjected to imprisonment for a year, fine of SR 100,000/- or maybe both. The authorities have however been considering the possibility that these adverts may be part of some big scam.

It becomes a shame that people now have to pay much of money just because they do not wish to overcome their laziness and choose to stay home rather than go to work or school. This not only puts up load on for the companies they work in but they are also taking their jobs for granted. Hopefully these advertisement companies can be located and be caught for the job they are doing and keep workers with honesty and dedication, alive!

Source: Saudi Gazette

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