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Fines for Violations at Dubai Metro

Dubai Road transport Authority has devised one the world’s most advance transport systems for safety and ease of passengers and drivers. It uses its railway services to provide passengers with a lovely experience to travel on Dubai roads. It has not only maintained its advance technology regime but has also made sure that people follow traffic rules and regulations. The Dubai road authority has set a detailed fine schedule for rules violators in order to restrict road users to follow the set outline of traffic rules and road maps. Fine imposition is the basic reason of steady and continuous implementation of rules of RTA. It has motivated passengers to follow the advance road schedule by spreading awareness regarding rules and regulation and their benefits to common public. In case people lack proper followership to traffic rules, fines help in this regard to make implementation possible at all levels.  Dubai metro, following fine policy has devised an aligned schedule to impose fines not only for violation of traffic rules but also to make clear to public about common misconception regarding acts which are considered valid by passengers. There is a set schedule of fines with specific amounts in order to make it possible that common public avoid violation of ethics while traveling in Dubai Metro. Dubai Metro has introduced a slogan for passenger that there is no excuse for law violation. 

Fines for Violations at Dubai Metro
  1. For those who consider travelling places as sleeping zone metro management has imposed special charges. Anyone who tries to take rest in Metro with sleepy heads in waiting areas they might have to pay for it about Dh 300.
  2. In case someone attempts to travel using the Metro while carrying alcoholic drinks he may be charged with fine up to Dh 200
  3. It is must for passenger to be reasonable while travelling in metro, in case someone places feet on seats he/she may be charged with fine up to Dh 100
  4. It is strictly prohibited to sell any kind of goods inside metro, in case of violation and expected charge of fine is about Dh 200
  5. In case someone tries to use someone other’s personalized card he may be charged up to as Dh 200 fine
  6. Metro has devised an emergency/ security device. It is highly sensitive and anyone who tries to mingle with emergency device or take it as fun may be charged with Dh 2,000

Fine charge up to: 100 AED for following Violations
For following reason a charge up to 100 AED may be borne by passengers in metro.
  1. For Causing hinder, inconvenience or pain to different travelers in any capacity at all
  2. Entering lodges or sitting in seats saved for specific classes of traveler when not qualified to do so.
  3. Placing your feet on seats of Metro, it is against ethics and may cause charge of up to 100 AED.
  4. For eating and drinking inside the buses and other disallowed zones. It may cause hygiene problems for passengers
  5. For using lifts or elevators in a despicable way which may affect the safety of advance machinery reserved for public use.
  6. For climbing or bouncing on any open transport building or vehicle related to Metro transport or any other in Dubai
  7. Non compliance with RTA's guidelines for the utilization of open transport offices and open transport vehicles as portrayed by the signage. It may be considered as an open violence of laws and regulations set by Dubai transport authority.
  8. For entering into disallowed ranges of people in general transport environment or open transport vehicles.
  9. For opening the entryway or endeavoring to get to or leave any open transport vehicle that is moving or in motion. It can cause a danger to lives of other passengers.
  10. For bringing creatures onto any open transport vehicle or environment, aside from aide pooches for visually impaired travelers.
  11. For carrying or utilizing materials or supplies that can result in aggravation or a wellbeing peril to different travelers.
  12. For standing or sitting on any piece of general society transport environment and open transport vehicles not assigned for travelers.
  13. For parking in a Metro client's assigned space for more than 24 hours without any specified permission to do so.

Fine charge up to: 200 AED for following Violations
For the following violence cases a huge fine may be charged by authority to passengers.
  1. For traveling without a substantial ticket for your planned excursion
  2. For using customized fly out cards fitting in with another person.
  3. Failing to conform to the directions of RTA's auditors or approved work force.
  4. Using a terminated or invalid NOL card intentionally or unintentionally or trying to misuse online ticket booking of Metro buses.
  5. Selling a NOL card without consent from RTA.
  6. Spitting, littering or bringing on any noticeable stains to any open transport vehicle or environment. It can be charged under the 
  7. Smoking inside any open transport vehicle or environment.
  8. Carrying weapons, combustible articles or any dangerous materials inside any open transport vehicle or environment with or without intention of harassing public.
  9. For carrying fermented beverages inside any open transport vehicle or environment.
  10. For selling merchandise, stock or advancing anything by method for promotion inside any open transport vehicle or environment
  11. For distracting the driver of any open transport vehicle or submit any activity which may cause visual check whilst on a moving open transport vehicle.

Fine charge up to: 250 – 2,000 AED for following Violations
  1. In case of parking in a Metro client's assigned space for more than 48 hours can result in fine up to 250 AED.
  2. A more huge charge may be levied in case of sleeping in the holding up zones, safe houses or wherever in an open transport environment.
  3. Due to some extreme violence a fine up to 500 to 2000 AED may be charged for prevention of such cases
    • For using a produced Nol card or Nol ticket
    • For damaging, vandalizing or messing around with any gadgets, gear on trains or in any piece of people in general transport environment.
    • In case anyone tries to operating a emergency device for fun or playing purpose, he/ she may be charged up to  a huge fine of 2000 AED.

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