Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Geocaching in Saudi Arabia – Interesting Activity to remain busy

Geocaching is basically an adventure, an outdoor recreational interesting activity and very famous past time activity for people in Saudi Arabia. It is fun and can lead to a very productive exciting time pass in morning or afternoon exploring different lands and sites, investigation, discoveries taking you to new places. Around the world there are millions of them, waiting to be searched. It can be said to be like a hide n seek game using containers in which you put different things and hide it and search it like a golden treasure hunt.

The container is water proof containing a gift maybe, some sentimental notes, few coins, or toys and a small notebook with pen or pencil for leaving comments and marking date. They are not treasures in literal sense because they don’t have any such expensive things or money, but whatever thing you search for after so much investigation seems to be like a treasure to you once you find it. Geocaching in Saudi is amazing. Geocaches are hidden in several caves of Saudi Arabia. Such caves and archeological sites are best for hiding Geocaches. This way one can explore the numerous historical caves in Saudi Arabia, doing a two in one job with fun, treasure hunt and exploring caves.

One can look through online forums and locate the Geocachers and local groups in their region, socialize and make new friends and play as a team in searching those boxes. Sounds exciting! The most important thing is to locate the Geocache using a Geocaching app that is GPS Global positioning system. The treasure hunt starts when a person hides that particular container somewhere in land or a cave. The challenge is to find it. With the help of GPS, the person locates it and upon reaching the exact position some digging and scrapping is required. Upon finding they can open it and leave comments, take anything or add anything into it for the other person to discover and hide again.

It evolved from a very old game of letter boxing. The first placement took place on 3rd May 2000 by Dave Ulmer of Beavercreek and found twice by 6th May 2000. After this many forms of this game came with Geocaching staying the most interesting and fun filled activity. You never know you might discover some new cave through this game. For the activity you need to have comfortable shoes, GPS enabled device and small stuff to be placed in the container once you find it.

It might be a bit dangerous as cases came into light in which while searching for these Geocachers, which are usually black containers, some dangerous stuff is reached and deaths are reported. Around the world it is said that there are 36,700 active Geocachers enjoying this treasure hunt by following its rule and proper procedure. You might be getting curious right now and thinking of some hidden geocaches around or near you. Go find some and have fun if you are bored!

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