Thursday, January 1, 2015

Benefits and Coverage of Health Insurance for Family Visit Visa

Saudi Cabinet has approved a new rule according to which health insurance is mandatory for all the expatriates coming on visit visa to Saudi Arabia.  It includes the families of the expatriates who are coming on “Family Visit Visa” to Saudi Arabia. To stamp the visa in the respective countries, people must subscribe for the health insurance in their respective countries at the time of applying for family visit visa. SR 2,000 fee for stamping the family visit visa from the home country and this additional cost of insurance has increased the cost of bringing your family to Saudi Arabia by many folds.

The new rule of making the health insurance mandatory for each expatriate visitor coming to Saudi Arabia is not be applied to certain people. A list of those people has been provided below.

  • Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims
  • Diplomatic and Special Passport Holders
  • Patients coming for Medical Treatment
  • Guests of the country
  • Employees of Multinational Companies
  • Diplomatic Missions based on reciprocal agreement

Although the cost of bringing your family has increased by the new law of making the health insurance mandatory for the visitors but there are several benefits as well.  Insurance covers medical expenses up to SR 100,000. If expatriate visitor gets sick or need treatment in any other way, you can get benefited from the high-class hospitals of the Kingdom.  

Visitors to the Kingdom have 60 days to submit a health insurance compensation claim and insurance companies must make compensation within 30 days of receiving a claim, the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI) has reiterated.

Many expatriates send their wives back to their home countries for the delivery of child since they cannot afford the expenses of delivering child n Saudi Araba. Medical insurance policy covers medical treatment including expenses of emergency cases, medical examination, medication, inpatient services, pregnancy/childbirth, dental/gum diseases, endodontics, nerve treatment, removal of abscess, premature childbirth cases, emergency dialysis, medical evacuation within and outside the Kingdom, injuries from traffic accidents, and expenses of repatriation of the insured deceased visitor›s body to his/her native country.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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