Saturday, January 10, 2015

How Dubai taxi fare compares to 9 major cities of the World

RTA Dubai has just announced an increase in taxi fares at an extensive schedule. The flag down rate of taxis have to be paid at higher amount than past. Now passengers have to pay 2 Dirhams more in case hiring a cab down on a street. Now passengers have to pay 5 dirhams instead of 3. Not only this, booking a taxi may charge higher during peak off and peak hours, earlier people had to pay 6 Dirhams but now off peak charges are 8 Dirhams and peak charges are 12 instead of 10 Dirhams. RTA has raised such rates owing to the difficulty of taxi drivers and to increase their earnings in order to raise their life standard. RTA has an opinion that the Dubai authority is still charging lowest rate comparatively. It is not wrong actually, most developed countries of world charge more in lieu of taxi services. London, New York, Paris, Belin and many more have costly taxi services as compare to Dubai. This raise in taxi fares would help taxi drivers to cope up their expenses more easily as compare to past. This way high quality service would be provided to passengers by motivated drivers.

Flag-down rate in different cities of world
  1. In case a passenger is booking taxi in advance he has to pay some extra charges in this regard. The highest flag down rates are applied by Tokyo taxi agencies. They charge up to 22.14 Dirhams for one ride. This rate also covers mileage of first two kilometers of ride.
  2. The second city in lieu of flag down charges is London. The minimum charge for one ride is about 13.86 Dirhams.
  3. Amsterdam relieves passengers for a little bit and charges 13.25 Dirhams i.e. about 2.89 Euro for one ride. These are minimum charges by these two cities for taxi passengers and provide no relief to customers in this regard.
  4. Other developed cities of world like Paris, New York and Singapore charge 11.24, 9.18 and 5.28 Dirhams respectively.
  5. Mumbai charges a little bit lower than above mentioned cities comparing to the wealth of people residing in country. It charges up to 1.25 Dirhams for one ride. This ride is limited to the distance of 1.5 km. People have to pay more after crossing this mileage.

In order to facilitate passengers with fair and reasonable charges according to mileage of trip, RTA has ensured charges on meter fixed inside the vehicles. These meters have different criteria for charging of fairs. Some charge on mileage, some on per minute charge and other on both of these factors. Normally passengers in Dubai are charged on km basis. Per km addition is about 1.26 Dirhams and the charge for idle minute is 0.50 Dirham. 

  1. Amsterdam charges 9.72 per Km and 13. 25 Dirhams for one idle minute.
  2. London costs 20-30 dirhams per km up to 10 km
  3. Istanbul taxi fare rates are 3.3 Dh per km comparing 0.58 per minute charges.
  4. New York and Singapore charge 0.61 and 1.55 Dh per km and same for every minute for New York whereas 0.83 Dh for per idle minute. 

Beside these charges, luggage charge has also been levied on customers in regard of their baggage in Mumbai. This way taxi costs a lot for passengers in other developed cities of world as compare to Dubai.

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