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How much should I pay for a Driver in Saudi Arabia?

When you are living in Saudi Arabia, one has to go through a lot of thinking and mind mapping. Actually one has to go through all similar things everyday whether in any country. To cover this topic at hand, today I myself had to think a lot. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you must know exactly how your life is dependent on travelling, most importantly if you are a woman. Since we are all now aware that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not permit women to drive they are all solely dependent on the males for driving them off to their desired locations. The male can either be their husband, their sons or a hired driver.

General Means of Transportation
In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, travelling is more done by Taxi. The reason being that it is not only cheap but also that it provides the opportunity for you to travel in and about places whose address and location you are not familiar with. This read will basically outline a few things and guideline that a woman should take into account once using different modes of transport whether public taxis, hired cabs or just the full time driver.

How much should I pay to Taxi Driver?
To begin with we'll discuss the most cheap mode of transportation, that being the public taxis. These public taxis charge not more than SR 30 within a radius of 20KM from your pick up point to your desired destination. Though sometimes they may be extremely unsafe since the drivers are usually expatriates from countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. You will have to face quite a few problems if the driver does not use Arabic as a language. They may have a confusion for the location you have requested. If you wish to use the public transport make sure you know the roads well and have a mobile phone with an active number in case things go wrong.

How much should I pay to Driver with Car?
The other mode of transportation which I would suggest if you don't have a vehicle or a driver is to hire a driver and a car. They offer good services along with selection of drivers. The drivers working for the company know well how to communicate well in both English and Arabic. Also you will have a newer model of a car to travel in around the city. They will however cost you more than the public taxis. They charge you around SR 350 per day with Toyota Corolla for 8 hours. They will not charge you any extra amount if your travelling is less than the contracted mileage normally 100 Km. If you travel more than that, their rates can go up to SR 30 within a 20 Km radius and will charge extra for more kilometers like the public transport. These drivers are the responsibility on the company and thus you can feel quite safe while using their services.

How much should I pay for a Full Time Driver in Saudi Arabia?
Finally you have the full freedom option of hiring a full time driver, either a Filipino or Pakistani. They both have different rates, for instance a Filipino Driver can cost up to SR 2,500 whereas you can get a Pakistani or African driver for SR 2,000! You can provide them with accommodation and food and they will also act as car cleaners, do the errands involving payment of utility bills, getting groceries etc. They will make life a whole lot easier for you and your family!

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