Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Husband Locked His Wife in Bathroom for Three Years!

There are many qualities demanded in society for getting married, which includes: complexion, beauty, good background, education, smart figure, skills and handsome dowry. A dowry is the money, goods, or estate that is given to a woman at the time of her marriage. It is a common practice these days and the bride’s side is treated as if you own them. Cash, property and lots of stuff are demanded from them in order to carry out a blessed ritual “Marriage”. It’s a huge burden on the bride’s side to feed the groom’s side with all the high-end stuff they demand. And even after that they are not satisfied as a result they torture the girl after marriage to bring more and more from her family. This is creating fear in the society and marriages for girls are getting risky because you never know what’s in the mind of your in laws and what they want from you. We are talking about the culture of Sub-Continent countries.

There are numerous cases that come to light regarding this dowry issue and torturing and pressurizing girls to bring more and more money from their parent’s side and fulfill the needs of their in-laws. They don't directly ask for dowry but the groom's family evaluates how much the girl would bring based on her father's income and siblings' position in the society. Here comes a case in light through a news channel which says that a man locked up his wife in bathroom for 3 years in India’s state of Bihar, and as expected it was because of this dowry issue.

In 2010 the couple got married after which torture for dowry started by the husband and family members. The wife also gave birth to a baby girl during this period which is a worsening condition because she was not allowed to meet her baby for 3 years of her prison. This is even beyond torture by separating a mother from her child! Police came to rescue for this lady when her father filed a report against the in-laws and husband because he was threatened and even was not allowed to see his daughter for all that period.

The poor lady was found in a bad state, with over grown nails, old ragged clothes, stinking smell and un-kept hair. She was fed irregularly and kept in a small dark bathroom with no place for light and air to pass.  After the victim was rescued, she asked to for her 3 year old daughter and bursted into tears when her own daughter refused to recognize and accept her mother.

Dowry is a social ill. Some classes may find it affordable. However, for the lower classes, dowry is no less than a nightmare. The burden of marriage should not fall on the grooms' shoulder either as it is the case in Saudi Arabia and many other Arab countries. Both parties should spend according to their financial budgets. Marriages should be treated as a union of two people in love rather than vulgar display of wealth. No one as such takes any action against this bad act of society. Media should raise this issue and bring end to this shameful custom.

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