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Can employer issue final exit after the expiry of Iqama?

Can Final Exit Visa be issued by Employer after Iqama is expired?

Question by Visitor
I have already filed an exit with my company last July 2014 and my Iqama will be expiring on October 10, 2014. My company is asking me to extend two months while they are searching for my replacement. Is it included in the Saudi Labor Law that I can extend my stay iqama for two months without any problem when before leaving this country. What are the things that I can ask from my employer to secure my exit after two months that my Iqama expired? Hoping for your expert opinion regarding this matter.

Answer by Steve
If they are asking for only two months, I don’t think you should bother a lot. Please refer to this article for the second part of the question “Procedure of Final Exit from Saudi Arabia”. It is important to mention here that the final exit cannot be issued by the employer if your iqama is expired. Make sure your Iqama is renewed on timely basis.

Question by Visitor
Aside from the things that you have mentioned on the blog, is there anything that I need to do more for the purpose of my security of going home after two months, especially the my iqama is already expired????

Answer by Steve
As I have mentioned earlier, they will renew your Iqama. The final exit visa cannot be processed without valid Iqama. Just make sure your Iqama is renewed on timely basis so that final exit is processed on time.

Question by Visitor
As per them, since I will be on Exit, I can extend not later than 59 days after the expiration of my Iqama. It will be expired on October 10, 2014..... Is it true? I will not have any problem.....

Answer by Steve
No, your Iqama must be renewed. If they have processed your final exit during the validity of your Iqama, you would have been given 60 days to exit from Saudi Arabia.

Question by Visitor
Thanks, actually my iqama will be expiring on October 10, 2014, So they can really extend me. I will just let them process my exit papers before my iqama expires.

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