Tuesday, January 27, 2015

List of Most Wanted People in Saudi Arabia

“Most wanted list”, as the name implies, refers to certain criminals who are identified by certain agencies, which needs to be arrested as soon as possible for the implementation of law and order and protection of communities and nation. These individuals might be within the country or outside its borders. For the same purpose, Saudi Arabia released its “Most wanted List” comprising of 47 individuals, by Ministry of interior in Jan 2011. There were full names given along with their pictures for identification. Some of the names include: Sameer al-Ruwaili, Adnan Muhammed Ali Al Saigh, Hassan Ibrahim Hamd Al Shaban, Qasim al-Raymi (one of the Yemenis) and others. If anyone helped in finding these individuals, shall be given huge ransom money award starting from 1,000,000 SAR and more.

Previously there were lists released in 2003 comprising of 26 individuals, in 2005 consisting of 36 names, and finally in 2011 with 47 names. With time some of the individuals surrendered themselves or were caught by the ministry. It is said that out of 47, most of them are Saudi nationals and few are Yemeni. Yemenis were not in the list initially but added at the last moment. It was reported in New York Times that 14 of the Saudis who were released in Guantanamo after years of prison, are among the suspects.

Three of the Saudis were found to be in Al-Qaida’s threatening video, named  Said Ali Shiri, Abu-Hareth Muhammad al-Awfee and Nasir Wuhayshi who claims to be Al-Qaida’s leader in Arab region.  Before the release of the list, the families of 47 Saudi’s in the list were approached. This is a common method used by agencies, somehow calling those “hit list” people back home, to their loved ones, and easily capturing them. They also warned their families that they will be arrested as well if they are found to support those criminals. This trick failed hence the names went in the most wanted list.

It is reported that these men were somehow involved in attacks on Saudi Arabia, whether within the boundaries or abroad. These criminals belong to different age groups; one of them of 18 years. Between 30 and 40 years of age were 12 men, and within the age range of 20-30 were about 34 men.

If one thinks on the point of identifying the wanted criminals and informing the Saudi agencies for reward, no one would actually do that due to risk of lives by involving oneself in criminal affairs. Therefore exposing names and pictures of these individuals publicly is not a good idea. No one would prefer money on risk of their lives. Saudi locals should be told the importance and significance of providing information about these individuals if they have. Counseling them about the disgrace and risk these men are to the country and the need to arrest them as soon as possible. They should be reassured, providing them with security and convincing them so that they take it as their duty towards the country.

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