Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Michelle Obama’s Bad Mood in Saudi Arabia

After the Death of King Abdullah, Barrack Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama on Tuesday, shortened their trip to India, and cancelled their visit to Taj Mahal in order to visit Saudi Arabia as a gesture of paying respect to King Abdullah’s royal family. As seen and reported by the journalists, Michelle Obama was not at all happy during the whole visit. She was seen making faces, pursing her lips with a scorn expression and starring look.

Because she is a western woman and during her stay in India, she wore quite short clothes which are just normal for her. As soon as she landed, she noticed the cultural differences on the airport, the restrictions and limitations on women by Saudi government and changed into full pants and full sleeved shirt to respect that, though she didn’t cover her head. When she landed in Saudi Arabia, her facial expressions were entirely different from when she landed in India. We have attached a picture below in which you can see her facial expressions.

When she met the Saudi dignitaries, most of them didn’t even shook hands with her and just nodded, coz touching a non-mahram woman is not allowed in Islam. Due to this act she felt uneasy and not at all happy the entire time which is clearly visible in the pictures. 

Saudi women are not allowed to keep hair open, but a western woman is not forced to do so. But if she would have worn a scarf, it would have shown her respect to the death of King Abdullah and the country’s law. Whereas during her visits to other Muslim countries, mosque in Indonesia and her meeting with Catholic Pope in Vatican City, she was seen wearing a veil or scarf. Why not in Saudi Arabia?

She was seen to be behind her husband, hesitating and silent all the time, so that the dignitaries can shake hands with her husband only, and was just passing smiles forcefully. Saudi Arabia is a very close Arab ally to America; still the lady was criticized for her attitude and mood during the visit. On the contrary some people defended Michelle Obama by giving explanations as it was a brief trip and she should not be criticized as she is wife of a strong ally.

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