Friday, January 16, 2015

8 Most Effective ways to boycott Israel

BDS Movement which is boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement is now a widespread international movement. It is the best way of bringing people around the world close and in solidarity with what happened in Gaza and with Palestinians. Boycott is basically protest when you refused to do business with a particular person or country and break all your relations. What Israelis did with Palestinians, Arabs and attacks on Gaza shows their cruelty and terrorism. This is just not acceptable and people all around the world agree to this fact and there should be something to put stop on all this. One cannot just stop the terrorism by them so in order to teach them lesson, it’s a better way to provide them with loss at business and drain their economy. This can be done by boycotting there products and many other effective ways which will drag them towards loss. This will pressurize the Israeli public and government. Many institutions, organizations, companies and even governments are supporting this BDS movement. Each and every person should get involved in this and spread this movement and stand together for a cause. Following are some effective ways for boycotting Israel:

Most Effective ways to boycott Israel
  1. Boycotting the products: The first foremost and easiest step is to locate and find out Israeli products. Once you find them stop buying those products. Boycott them completely and even try to boycott those international companies who are involved directly or indirectly with Israelis. Spread awareness and tell your family and friends and ask them to share as much as possible. A bar code starting with “729” will locate and it’s easier to find out and boycott those products. Certain food and drinks such as McDonalds, nestle, Coca-Cola, etc should be avoided. Technology and cosmetics such as Siemens, Estee lauder, Motorola, Revlon, L’Oreal and the list goes on. The detailed lists are easily available online or you may get in touch with some BDS organization in your area. Substitute these products with other non-Israeli products and companies. This is much easier and doable.
  2. Share this news and ideas and the things one should do or try to follow for boycotting: Follow BDS movement on facebook and twitter which are the leading social networking sites these days. It’ll help effective spreading and awareness about the movement and boycotting and its success.

  3. Learn and share: Search and get more awareness regarding the BDS movement, read about it and find more effective ways, its success and also how in future it can lead to more and more widespread movement which will suppress Israeli economy. Share it among your friends and family and ask them to share too. This will create a chain and more awareness and more success. Make banners, demonstrations, brochures, presentations and display them in schools, institutes, malls and public places.
  4. Start from yourself: Get involved in this movement, support it and follow it. Become a part of such campaigns and organizations in your area and ask others to do so too.
  5. Do it Online: If you can’t go out and support it or other older population, you can just sit back and work online. Search information and different ways, write letters and sign petition. This will help build up pressure on them.
  6. Start a campaign: One should start campaign along with support of others and locate companies, institutions and organizations that are supporting Israel. Stand up and work against them as they are providing with massive support to Israel. Cutting down their supporting bodies will help achieve the target really fast. Form student unions and start different campaigns. Hold meeting and discuss innovative ideas to boycott and stop the usage of Israeli products.
  7. Encourage: Everyone around the world in forms of organizations, institutions, student unions, small groups are working for BDS movement, towards boycotting the Israeli products and how many more ways are there for the success of BDS movement. Encourage organizations and institutes around you to start working and supporting BDS. Arrange campaigns and work for it. Withdraw any shares invested in Israeli companies.
  8. Actions against Israeli retailers: Actions and strategies should be developed against such retailers and sellers who are selling Israeli products and giving them profit and advantage and helping them to establish more. Boycotting such retailers and pressurizing them can be a solution.


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