Wednesday, January 14, 2015

No Ban on Gender Mixing at Saudi Airline Flights!

The spokesman of Saudi Airline, Al-Ajhar has denied the rumors in the international and local media about the intention of Saudi Airline to ban the gender mixing in the Saudi Airline flights. He confirmed the media that Saudi Airline does not have any plan to ban gender mixing in Saudi Airline flights. Mr. Al-Ajhar had to come out to talk to media about it due to some rumors going around on different news websites about banning gender mixing in Saudi Airline flights. We have also covered it below.

On many recent news bulletins it has come under the spotlight that Saudi Arabia's National Airline, Saudi has decided to uphold a ban on gender mixing aboard. They have stated that their passengers have frequently complained that they do not appreciate their wives or other female relatives sitting next to male passengers. The Saudi Assistant Manager Abdul Rahman Al Fahd had made a statement that they will soon call on to solve the crisis and make sure that their new rules will satisfy all the passengers. Rules like this emphasized in Saudi Arabia or even on their flights do not appear to be a shock to many people since the basis of the laws of Saudi Arabia come through keeping in perspective of the Muslim regime. As stated earlier the Saudi Airline has planned to amend laws to minimize women exposure as it is in the deep rooted culture of Saudi Arabia. In the country, segregation is a very important factor that has to be taken into consideration no matter what big or small step one takes. One of the laws that need to be implemented by the Airline is to instruct their staff makes sure that men and women are seated separately until or unless they are closely related.

According to a newspaper the airlines’ staff at all of the Kingdom’s airports will be instructed to make sure males and females are separated aboard at Saudi Airline’s  flights unless they are closely related. Saudi Arabia is infamous for its culture of gender segregation, deeply rooted in the mentality of minimizing the exposure of women in society. If one takes into account the laws of segregation in Saudi Arabia you would find that women are not allowed to travel alone, yet alone work outside of their homes. This is allowed in very few households but the majority stays with their proper rules.

Nearly 4 years ago the Saudi Airline had come forward making an announcement that they would recruit women for selling of tickets at the airport. This was very surprising considering the situation that their airlines have very few women flight attendants. The ones that are hired are called in from different countries like Morroco, Pakistan, India or the Great Britain. Later on it was clarified that the women who will be employed are subjected to work in an area where only women are allowed to work away from the terminals. The Saudi Airlines have a strict policy and that is that they will not allow gender mixing at all!

In 2010 a company in Saudi Arabia decided to employ women to test their skills as cashiers as part of some pilot scheme. In response there was boycotting against the company on Facebook, also threatening to take down the shop if not stopped. So now it becomes much easier for us to understand that the rules taken by the airline is to respect the rules and laws of their country. May be, the next time you book a flight; you will have the option to decide. Saudi Airline is committed to keep happy passengers!

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