Saturday, January 3, 2015

No Visas for Professions with Saudi Applicants

Saudi Government is tightening its control over the visa processing to create more jobs for Saudi Nationals. Some years ago, Nitaqal Law was introduced enforcing every establishment to comply by a minimum percentage of Saudis out of its employees. Many jobs are created by this Nitaqal Law. Moreover, there are so many professions which werereserved for Saudis by the Ministry of Labor. You can find the list in this link “List of Professions Reservedfor Saudis”. A further step has been taken by the Saudi Government according to which establishments will not be allowed from July 01, 2015 to issue new visas for the professions in which there are already Saudi Applicants.

Saudi Arabia has been helping Saudi Nationals by creating a database and job portals to search jobs for them. Millions of Saudis are applying through that job portal and getting good jobs. They will be using the applications of that job portal to determine the professions where Saudis are already in abundance. So there is no need for the expatriates for those professions. It is a good approach to restrict the visas rather than bringing the expatriates to Saudi Arabia and then sending him back to his home country. When someone comes to another country, he comes up with different kind of expectations and when his expectations are not fulfilled, he faces disappointment.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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