Thursday, January 29, 2015

Non-Muslim American decides to Veil after visiting Saudi Arabia

Islam is a religion that sets up the rules and regulations in a manner that keeps its individuals protected from all harm and makes it appropriate to spread and follow the teachings that are laid down. Islam is a religion that holds immense importance for their women, not found in the other religions. The Holy Books and Prophets over time have laid down the rights for women and given them a lot of importance though they must give in a lot to be called God's blessed women. Under the fold of Islam women are supposed to be covered from head to toe. In other Muslim countries this isn't compulsory but in Saudi Arabia the law has made it clear that women must be in Abayas and Veils in public at all times.

The women who visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from western countries find it pretty strange that how can their women be covered all the time and yet they never complain. They do all their chores, their work, their shopping, their eating etc. all by being covered all the time yet they never complain. Though in a story I had heard it was the almost other way around. An expat couple had been working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for nearly 15 years and enjoyed every bit of their time there. They didn't want to have a child and enjoy every bit of it alone, discovering and living it to the fullest. It was time for them to return to the United States but before that they made arrangements to explore the Empty Quarter with a Beudion woman. There was something that they saw in the vast emptiness and sand that made them want to have a child.

After the returned they decided to have a child though it seemed quite impossible since they both were nearly 50 years old! They were blessed with a daughter and she grew up hearing this story and wanted to discover and see the place for herself. As she turned 18 her parents decided to take her back to the Kingdom and once again made arrangements to visit the Empty Quarter using the people they knew there. It was amazing that how she found everything to be exactly how her parents had described it to her. Somehow she was so affected by the desert and her surroundings that she decided then and their only that she would do the veil. She has two reasons, first that she wanted to observe herself how it felt to be veiled and how does that help her life and the other reason being that she wanted to know how people would react to it.

She was a typical non-Muslim American girl though she had taken up such a huge decision all by observing an open and vast desert. While in Saudi Arabia no one had seemed to notice that she had been veiled and she could see no one bothered to look at her even. Though while returning back to the USA things had changed! While in the line for US citizen passport holders an officer pulled her out and asked her to see her face for confirming. Though she politely refused after which she was taken to a private room where her face was going to be seen by female officers. They were so surprised to find that the girl was a teenager, an AMERICAN teenager. What's so beautiful about this incident is that she carried on with the veil for years, even while being in University though she didn't convert to Islam. Happenings like these are definitely worth a share and most definitely worth a read!

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