Monday, January 12, 2015

Owning a Dog in Islam and Saudi Arabia

Dogs aren't Animals you know?!
Howdy Folks! You might think I've lost much of my senses once you read the title of this blog. Am I right? Of course I am! Who in the world would not call an animal, an animal? Maybe someone who’s fond of them or someone who considers then a living creature that deserves full attention, love and care. We being humans are God's most precious creation but within all of this superiority we forget that God has made more of creations all for our benefit. We tend to neglect all the other things in life whether it be nature or the living creatures more or less like us.

In Islam, it is Haram to keep the dog at home as pet dog. But if you want to keep a dog as watch dog, it is allowed. Watch dogs are those dogs which are kept for security and safety purpose. Meat of the dog is Haram in Islam as well as Saudi Arabia.  But it not like dogs is a ridiculous creature. It is one of the most beautiful creatures of Allah.  In fact people often tend to forget that dogs are on most cases Man's Best Friend. Now obviously it's not because the dog buys his owner food or keeps his deep and darkest secrets but mainly because dogs tend to be the most loyal animals ever. Oops I think I just called my Best Friend an Animal! I hope he doesn't get furious, oh well! Dogs do not care whether you are rich or poor, they don't even care whether you feed then meat or just plain biscuits. They will simply be by your side when you need protection. They tend to grow a bond with their owners if they are treated right and by that I emphasize on food shelter and water.

The few clarifications that I would like to give in is that keeping a dog within your house is Haram. When one does touch a dog or is being subjected to its saliva one should wash themselves properly. Dogs should be given food, water and shelter. The shelter must be a good enough space where the dog can act in its natural way. Dogs shouldn't be subjected to any brutal torture or so. One may keep a dog for security purposes but man has no right to beat them or involve them in any bloodshed.

It may not always be pretty easy to explain things that people have been believing on their entire lives. In certain Hadiths it's been said that animals should be treated with great care and their ill treatment is not acceptable. Many people would be glad to know that instead of toys, a real live toy can help keep their child be busy for hours. Dogs tend to help autistic children fight off obstacles and problems too. They are also used for the blind to guide them and how can one forget the old fashioned watchdogs? They can sniff and find you a crook or a lost item. So now consider a range of different possibilities when you wish to call a dog Haram. I'm not sure whether it is a Muslim or not but it's surely a living creature and deserves to be treated like one!

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