Thursday, January 15, 2015

Procedure to Print Exit Re-Entry Visa Online

In order to go out of Saudi Arabia, you need to have exit re-entry visa. Exit Re-Entry Visa is issued by the sponsor of the resident person. In case you are an employee, your sponsor is your employer. But you can issue exit re-entry visa for all your dependents yourself. We have explained the step by step procedure of issuing exit re-entry visa in this link “Apply for Single Exit Re-Entry Visa Online”. However, in case if you lose your exit re-entry visa, you can always ask your sponsor to give you another copy of it. He will have to follow the procedure of reprinting exit re-entry visa which is given in detail below. In case, you don’t want to ask it from your sponsor or your sponsor is out of reach, you can always print it online by following the step by step procedure to get copy of exit re-entry visa online if it is lost. Recommended: Procedure to Check Status of Exit Re-Entry Visa

Procedure of Printing Exit Re-Entry Visa from MOI for Dependents
First of all, you need to have online account with Ministry of Interior. If you don’t have online account, “Register for Abshir (MOI) Account
If you already have an account with MOI, please login to your account. The procedure to login to your MOI account has been changed a little bit. Follow this link to check the updated procedure. Recommended:   Process to Login to Abshir (MOI) Account

After logging in to your account when new screen opens up, you need to click on “My Dashboard” and after that locate for dependents tab. Click on “More Details” button in the dependents tab.

A new screen will open where you need to look for the dependent whose exit re-entry visa is to be printed. Click on “More Details” and a drop down information tab will appear on your screen containing details of the dependent. Click on “Print Visa” button as shown in the screenshot. 

A new screen will open detailing about the dependent. There will be an icon at the end to “print visa” and you will have to click here. I have also shown it in the below screenshot. As soon as you will press this button, exit re-entry visa will appear on your screen. You can take a print of it now.

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