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Procedure to Book an Appointment with Istiqdam

Jawazat offices in Jeddah and Riyadh have sent back many residents without honoring their requests since they did not have online appointment. It is important to mention here that you need to book appointment both to apply for permanent family visa as well as to apply for family visit visa through Istiqdam. Jawazat will not honor your request if you go there without an appointment. I have explained the procedure to get an appointment of Istiqdam for both to apply for permanent family visa as well as family visit visa. There is a slight difference between two appointments.
  • First of all, you must have an activated ministry of interior account. If you don’t have an account, create an account from this link. I have explained the step by step procedure to create Ministry of Interior Account in this article. ”Register for MOI Account
  • If you already have an account with MOI, you need to login to it. The procedure to login to MOI has been changed significantly. New procedure is explained in this link “Process to login to MOI (Abshir) account
After Login, go to “E-Services” and you will find “Expatriate Affairs” on the left column. Just click on it and a drop down list will appear from where you will have to select “Book an Appointment”.
A new page will appear from where you will have to click on the icon “Proceed to Service”. You can take guidance from the attached screenshot. This service allows you to;
  • Book a New Appointment
  • Update an Existing Appointment
  • View/Print an Existing Appointment
  • Cancel an Existing Appointment
Now you will be presented with Istiqdam Appointments screen (which will show your current appointments to the Istiqdam office,) click on “Book New Appointment” Button. See the screenshot attached.

Now you will be presented with a screen with choices, you need to select first option if you are applying for permanent family visa. If you want to book an appointment for family visit visa, you need to click on the third option as shown in the attached screenshot.
Now you will have one appointment listed in the main screen, in action column select "Select" link. Now select any appropriate "Book" Button against Date and time i.e. For Montday 09/02/2015 10 AM (click Book)

Now you will be presented with the Documents required by the Istiqdam Office screen, click "Confirm Appointment Details" button. The applicant should keep the appointment letter printout because they will issue the token based up on the appointment and after getting the token the appointment paper should attach with the documents.

Documents Required by Istiqdam Office:

  1. Istiqdam Form ( Filled with all the details required, take help of your Arabic Colleague to fill this out in Arabic, But Please mention your name and your spouse name as is on Your Passport (for Pakistan it is in English so mention in English ), This should be attested by (first) your company ( they will stamp the document, this stamp will include the C.R number which will be checked by the Chamber of commerce later and sign of your Company owner( Kafeel) ), and (second) by the Chamber of commerce.
  2. Your salary letter in Arabic, (Make sure the title of the company include Company's Arabic name as well, and the letter itself should be written in Arabic, with your detail salary like basic, house rent, transportation and whole total), this letter should be attested by (first) your company and (second) by Chamber of Commerce.We have listed down some important points for attestation of documents from Chamber of Commerce. I would recommend you to read them before personally visiting chamber of commerce.
  3. Make sure that these documents are attested from the Chamber of Commerce of same city from where your Iqama is issued otherwise your application is more likely to be rejected. Moreover, you also have to visit he same city for Istiqdam. If your iqama is issued from Jeddah, you need to attest the documents from Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and go to Jeddah Istiqdam only.
  4. All other documents which are mentioned in this post are required; the Representative at Istiqdam Office will check them as well.
Useful Trick to book online Appointment with Istiqdam

  1. Daily open this blog between 8 am to 12 am in the morning.
  2. Keep refreshing this blog after every 10 to 15 minutes for new comments.
  3. Usually users post here when appointments are available in any region.
  4. You can also create a group on whatsapp of different cities like Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam. In this way, you will be able to send message to all the group members in case anyone starts getting appointments.
  5. Shakir: I have been to Istiqdam today and Alhamdulillah got the Yellow Paper. However, I came to know there every day Istiqdam appointments are opened between 0700 and 0730 hrs for THE SAME DAY or sometimes for next day as well. What Istiqdam is doing is, keeping 20 appointments slots free every day which are only opened the same day and you can get booked. I have seen one Hyderabadi guy "Mr. Naib Rasool" who kept his computer with him and got appointment for himself and two strangers, who visited Istiqdam without any appointment. I have seen this all myself and I know now for sure this is the most convenient way. So get all your documents ready. And then try and get appointment around 7 and once you get an appointment, rush towards Istiqdam office with all docs.

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