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Procedure of Mobile Number Portability in Saudi Arabia

Many a times we feel that the mobile network we are using does not provide us satisfactory services or the packages offered by other mobile networks are better than our network. There was another problem that the mobile number you have been using is associated with you since your arrival in Saudi Arabia so you cannot change it. In other words you were left with no choices but not now. Recently Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) in Saudi Arabia has allowed subscribers of one mobile network to move to another mobile network without changing mobile number. This is called Mobile Number Portability in Saudi Arabia. In the below paragraphs, we shall be discussing about the Procedure to Change Mobile Network without Changing Mobile Number in Saudi Arabia.

Procedure to Change Mobile Network without Changing Mobile Number in KSA
  1. Make sure that the mobile umber you are using is registered under your Iqama. You would not be able to port it if it is not registered with your name.
  2. First of all, make sure that you have used whole prepaid balance of your SIM card and paid off the mobile phone bill if you are using postpaid connection as I am not sure if you will be able to get this balance in new SIM. Here let’s assume you are using Mobily Network and you want to port your number to STC.
  • Before porting your number to new network in Saudi Arabia, I think it will be better if you explore the website of the new mobile service provider where you want to port in your number and decided which mobile package you want. It will be difficult for you to decide in a hurry at Sales Office.
  • Now you need to go to the office of the mobile network where you want to move in. In the above scenario, you will have to go to STC office with;

    • Valid SIM Card
    • Original Valid Iqama
  • Customer Service Representative will ask you to fill a form or he will fill it himself and ask you to just sign it. Signing the form means you have agreed with them that they can transfer your mobile network from one to another.
  • He will ask you about the prepaid or postpaid package you want to take. If you have already done your homework, you can tell him about the package plan you want. He will activate this package in a new SIM and hand it over to you.

  • They tell that it takes around 8 hours but to be on safe side expect that it will be done in 24 hours. You can continue to use your existing SIM card till the time your number is ported to the new mobile operator. Once the signals in your current SIM are off, you need to insert new SIM and start using it. 
  • It is very important that you have paid off your postpaid connection bill to the current mobile operator otherwise your request to Change Mobile Network without Changing Mobile Number in KSA will not be honored.

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