Thursday, January 8, 2015

Restaurant shut down for serving customer from garbage bin in Najran

Recently shocking news has been reported regarding closure of a restaurant due to serving unhygienic meals to customers. Najran secretariat received a complaint from a citizen regarding serving of waste food by a restaurant in KSA. After receiving such shocking complaint the authority directed investigation of reported complaint. Bandar bin Ali a citizen told media that he visited restaurant for lunch and ordered a specific food. He was shocked to see that the meal served to him by hotel management was removed from a garbage bin. He told that it was just an incredible situation for him. It was shocking as well as insulting that he was not even considered as a human being to be served with clean eatable. He didn’t complain it to hotel management; instead he captured that situation and forwarded it to concerned authorities. Right after his complaint, prompt action was taken by authorities.

 After checking that actually the allegation put by customer over the restaurant management was based on reality. Immediate sealing of restaurant under supervision of health inspector and cancelled their license for an unknown duration. Not only have the concerned authorities immediately run a hotline number for such complaints again in future. Citizens have to call at 940 in case any of same problems arises again in future.

Such shocking news have created a hesitation among customers to carry own their routine regarding outside lunches and dinners. People have to be more cautious and alert to any such incident again in future. KSA has strict rules and regulations for hygienic matters. Food industries and companies have to follow hygienic principals for in order to fulfil the care responsibility for health of people visiting their restaurants and using food products of their brand. Due to occurrence of this incident it is expected that people would become more cautious about availing membership of a specific restaurant.

There is strict law implemented in Kingdom related to health issues. Any food or drinking company or cell which offer eatable and drinking items need to be careful regarding hygienic surety of food items. Prompt action by respective authorities shows concern of governmental sector regarding health protection of citizens. This is a positive indication and citizens themselves should cooperate with authorities by timely reporting of any of such issue in order to stop such matters. Care is better than cure so people have to be little bit cautious and careful.

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