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6 Unknown Rights of Airline Passengers in Saudi Arabia

KSA has a detailed schedule of flights especially due to travelling of expats inside and outside the Kingdom. This extension in flight schedule imports various responsibilities on Airport and flight authorities. Passengers pay a huge amount in lieu of air tickets and in return they expect a customer oriented service. Recently a case spotted where a 12 years old boy got injured inside the plane and flight management could not help him for his treatment. This kind of issues put a big question mark on customer care sections of flight authorities. Growing air travel creates need for more compatible arrangements in order to facilitate passenger at maximum. Passengers have various rights in regard to be facilitated during their air journey to Kingdom. Some of the rights are as follows;

  1. Rights of Air Passengers in case of Delayed Flight: GACA regulations explained different compensations for the passengers according to the time duration of flight’s delay. I mention them as follows:
    • If the passenger is there at the airport and flight is being delayed, the airline is bound to give special care to the passenger and the passenger is also entitled to soft drinks and snacks as well, after pone hour of delay in departure of flight.
    • The airlines are bound to arrange hot meals for the passengers after a delay of three hours in the flight’s departure.
    • If in case the delay in flight departure occurs for a duration exceeding six hours, the passengers waiting for the flight shall be given hot meals, they shall be provided with accommodation and airline is also bound to pay a financial compensation of 300 Saudi riyals per hour however the compensation shall not exceed an amount of 3000 SR in total. Recommended: SR 300/Hour – Compensation to be paid by Airlines to Flight Passengers in case of Delays
    • If an airline postpones the flight and passenger is informed about this delay seven days before the time of flight’s departure, the passenger is entitled to get the amount of ticket to be given back without any deduction and if the airlines informs about the delay earlier than seven days than the passengers have two options; they may get the ticket refunded or they may ask for a confirm seat on some other flight departing on the same date or within a time of a day or two.
  2. Compensation for cancelled or delayed flight: In case passengers face any delay or cancellation in their flight, there is a reaction obviously. When delay is abrupt, it is natural that people will feel upset. It is responsibility of airport authority to inform them on timely basis through contact number or SMS or Email. In case any other flight is available for same destination, passengers should be adjusted in that plan in order to save their time and money
  3. Security of baggage: Passengers pay a huge amount for air travel. It is right of all passengers that their luggage should be taken care in order to avoid any mishap on their way to Kingdom. In case baggage is lost, related law forces flight authorities to pay per passenger equal payment. When luggage has got damages, the loss has to be compensated up to the equal amount
  4. Reimbursement of refunds: Extra charges deducted from air tickets like seat selection charges, donations for charity etc. should be refunded to customers in case they could not board on respective flight. It must be sure that the passenger could not get loaded due to an unintentional cause to miss the flight
  5. Handling of passengers for over booked tickets: There are several passengers who board another flight or may miss their flight due to any reason. In case airport authorities have the right to over book the ticket for missing passengers. The passengers must be offered fair compensation in case his seat is overbooked. Consensus of customers is mandatory in order to over book the seats already booked for passengers. It happened to me once when I reached the airport; it was informed to me that my confirmed seat has been given to some other customer. I will be given a seat in the next flight. Well, I contacted everyone with whom I could contact that time at the airport. Finally, I was given a seat in the business class. I enjoyed the business class ticket in the fare of economy class. I could raise my voice only because I knew about my rights.
  6. Handling of passengers for missing flights: Airport authorities offer one hour for checking in before flight time for passengers. In case passengers are late than one hour before the flight, he has no right to check in and to board for the booked flight. In this case he has to follow the process for re booking of flight. The passengers have to be compensated for their missed flights due to any reason.
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