Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Saudis cannot marry Pakistani and Bengali Girls

Generally Muslims marry Muslims and no matter from where ever they belong, boundaries doesn’t matter! But news came and it is said that Saudis cannot marry outsiders especially from four countries which includes Pakistan, Bangladesh, Chad and Myanmar. It is a controversial topic however, it is important for everyone to understand, if one is supporting Saudi, then why there is such news announced.

People tend to like and admire others and its natural but setting limits of boundaries is something impossible to follow for a normal human being as it is a natural phenomenon. People are getting more and more educated and the communication and networking tools available and ease of travel is allowing interaction between different parts of the world and it very normal to see that leading to marriages and this is something that you will observe more and more and in all countries of the world.

It is said that a Saudi man can only marry a non-saudi woman (outside the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)) after some long procedure and documentations, submitting forms, applications and getting permission from the government. The person should be above 25 with stamped and approved documents from the mayor and needs to submit a family card as well. The laws are really strict regarding this issue due to which the permission is really difficult and application might not be approved. We have explained in detail the procedure in this link “Getting Married with Saudis

The director of Makkah police, Major General Assaf Qureshi told the Saudi newspaper that marriage requests from outside Saudi Arabia are made through official procedures under very strict terms. One of the restrictions is that the age gap between the couple cannot exceed 25 years. Somewhere it also says that Saudi man cannot marry outside the premises of Saudi Arabia without the government’s permission. If he does so, the man will be fined SR 100,000 and the wife will NOT be RECOGNIZED as a legal wife and might face legal problems like VISA.

An important question raised in minds of the world is that is it because of racial and discriminative reasons? Or is it due to some medical issues and other legal policies? Or for the betterment of their people? No one knows the answer to this. A news caster quoted “They [the Saudi government] are not going to solve the problem by forcing men or women to marry another Saudi. They should leave the choices open."

The Islamic creed gives women the right to choose a spouse and makes no distinction between a Saudi and a non-Saudi Muslim. And there is no difference among any two Muslims. In his last sermon, the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: "Arab has no superiority over non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any over an Arab … except by piety and good action."

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