Friday, January 9, 2015

Shopping Etiquette in Saudi Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are the main places where different people come across each other. People are normally involved in choosing things according to their taste and budget from various varieties. Meanwhile they don’t pay attention to what is actually going on in surrounding. In order to avoid any awkward situation there must be specific etiquettes followed by women and men as well while shopping for goods. Many people who usually visit grocery store would have encountered such situation and must be careful for now. The famous grocery stores such as Panda, Carrefour and LuLu have lot of people for shopping of various food and household items.

The common etiquette issue is related to abaya’s of Saudi woman. As everyone know abayas are compulsory for females residing in KSA. There are various incidents happened where a woman with trailing abaya kept on shopping grocery and meanwhile her long abaya wrapped under the wheel of grocery cart. It creates an embarrassing situation for everyone and woman or her family member has to get the abaya out of the cart wheels. In order to avoid such situation it is a good option for women to wear a simple and sleek abaya while visiting grocery stores.

Another main problem arose many a times in grocery stores were misunderstanding regarding recognition of family member. In case a male member has come for grocery with his daughter, sister or wife. In case he did not pay attention to her abaya style and color, he may get entangled with any other woman by considering her family member. These types of incidents are very common especially during days of huge crowd. This problem may result in serious consequences in case problem is not handled with care. Men unknowingly follow stranger women considering them their own women. It may create a huge misunderstanding and in case intention is not explained verily, people may consider it an intentional act to follow a strange woman with bad intention.

Another common etiquette issue observed at grocery stores is normally observed during busy days like the day after pay day or any national or holy event. Women unintentionally put their grocery items in other grocery carts by considering it their own. This misunderstanding can result in embezzlement of products and waste of money by adding extra grocery items in others cart. Normally this issue arises because stores in KSA have contracted aisles and it is difficult to stand more than 2 carts at a time. During crowded days, stores in KSA are fully packed and people tend to buy almost same kind of grocery items for daily use for whole month.

After knowing that they have put their items in wrong cart they feel sorry and express it in embarrassment. It is better to be a little bit cautious instead of facing embarrassment. Grocery stores are the places where people interact more commonly belonging to different traditions and backgrounds. Due to these differences, variety of experiences may be encountered by people.

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