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Some Activities in Riyadh but not for Saudis

Some Activities in Riyadh but not for Saudis
Every person needs escape from daily routine and needs enjoyment and so do people in Saudi Arabia. There are various opportunities to explore and enjoy in the Kingdom but the sport or activity that we are going to discuss is basically in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh to be specific but it’s not for Saudis. Strange but true! There are two well-known groups, the Hash harriers and Riyadh rovers.

The Hash Harriers

  1. These are social international groups running clubs basically for the sake of fun. It gives you a break from your daily routine, its adventurous combination of fun, running and partying with groups of hashers throughout the desert.
  2. Hashing is one activity which promotes physical fitness and change of mind.
  3. The members at a Hash leave a trail marked by chalk or dust which the other members are supposed to follow. The person should keep a check on trail and there might be dead ends or false trails.
  4. Anyone and everyone can be a part of it. This is basically a western sport which usually foreigners, tourists or expatriates visiting Saudi Arabia try. There is specialized clothing required for hashing, preferably thick socks up till knee to prevent from mud and thorns and special coats.
  5. Obviously Saudi women, who are always in Abayas, need to put those aside. Thus this is against the Saudi rule for women and hence not accepted so Saudi women can’t be a part of this fun! Another reason for Saudis not involved in this is security issue. These hash treks take place in an area away from the commercialized zones, isolated land basically, where there are usually foreigners who might feel insecure among Saudis and don’t wish their presence.
  6. However logic says that there is one advantage of Saudi involvement that these people are the locals and can give you authentic useful information about places, help you in emergency and guide you about their language.

The Riyadh Rovers

  1. The other group includes those who enjoy 4-wheeler rides out in the desert and surrounding areas. This is exploring desert in a fun way. It pleases one’s eye and enjoying the Kingdom’s beautiful sites.
  2. They have planning and meetings for their event which can be easy or hard long trips.
  3. Here again there is problem of security and offense to Saudi rule of not wearing abaya by women. Thus only foreigners and expatriates can hold on to this opportunity.
  4. Well there is no harm in Saudis taking part in this practice as having fun and exploring your own Kingdom is your right anyways. Banning them from activities in their own Kingdom is just not correct. If there is security issue, security measures should be setup in those areas and during the event for safety of foreigners. The locals can help them to be familiar with their language. And as far as women are concerned there should be events or days for only-women activities when there are just women having fun.

Source: American Bedu

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