Saturday, January 3, 2015

Street Harassment of women is on the RISE

In this modern age it becomes a shame when you find ill treatment of women and other citizens in states that matter most. Today's read focuses on the enlightenment towards the street harassment of women on the rise in the Saudi Arabia. In this KSA when certain events are heard about it may seem a lot shocking considering the conditions that women are targeted most. In Saudi Arabia there have been certain cases that are heard where women are harassed by the youth while they are out on the streets in cars or either in malls shopping.

This basically portraits the fact that women are not safe. Many women seem to complain to the local authorities about how these young reckless drivers may not cause themselves harm but also to the pedestrians and other people on the street including children. A woman in Saudi Arabia reported about a youngster who chased her off while she was in a cab. The man drove off and honked just to get her attention. In this case the driver tried to handle the situation but eventually failed. Soon happened that the youngster drove his car in front of the cab and started making conversation with the driver and woman. He threatened that he would call the police but the woman was clever and brave enough to take the step first.

It was her luck that the police officer was very cooperative and listened out the woman and offered her apologies as to why the other police officers couldn't notice. He was asked to leave and if he didn't abide by he would be arrested. Tourists from America also stated the fact that he did not think that he would find such an act in this country. During all this, I seem to wonder where all the police force and other local authorities are in trying to solve this increasing harassment issue. To be honestly it seems to me that as the century is moving on the people are moving back towards the old days. By the old days I may not say the good ones.

In order to put a stop to this barbaric and ruthless behavior by the young ones it should be implied that people caught in this act must have their driver licenses taken away. Traffic police are doing a good job on this case whereas mall operatives have banned the entering of males in without families. This ruthless driving and certain cases can be a hazard to lives and also cause deaths on worst case scenarios. It’s best to stay safe and protect the people that matter most, especially in states where women are treated with utmost respect! You can see the video of street harassment below. Although it is not related to the above incident but still, it is related to street harassment and Arab News claimed that it is from Saudi Arabia.

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