Saturday, January 24, 2015

Things you do not know About the CIA’s Torture Program

After becoming official head of United States, President Obama put a ban on interrogation techniques and scope of CIA (Central intelligence agency of United States). After this ban, the agency was not entitled to arrest any person based on possibilities of involvement in any terrorism related activities without any solid evidence. In 2014, the agency has issued a report in which it has revealed various facts about torture program of agency. It stated that many persons were arrested without any evidence after the incident of 9/11.  The detention program of CIA has imprisoned various persons belonging to different nations inside and outside the States without public acknowledgement and due availability of evidences. Despite of long-term effort for about more than one decade the agency could not achieve its targets and still things have to be settled related to war against terrorism. There are various facts regarding enhanced interrogation facts of CIA which reveal results of agency’s efforts such as;

  1. License to Torture: The enhanced interrogation program of CIA is simply an open way to Torture suspected people. There are no solid evidences available regarding majority of casualties and imprisonments taken by agency from various parts of world. CIA has established dark places where irrelevant people are strictly ban. One of that detention places is located in Afghanistan named, as Cobalt is a completely packed place equipped with different torture techniques like complete darkness, loud music, flashing lights and intolerable temperature. Prisoners are tortured in different ways like beating, dragging naked, punishing with broken bones and many other ways, which a living organism cannot tolerate for long or at all. Excessive and force feeding affected physical health of imprisoners and those who tried to resist were commonly given threats regarding murder or rape of their female family members like mothers and children.
  2. Time wastage: The Torture practice just resulted in death and physical damage of imprisons. It happened despite of the fact that many of them were innocent. Experts believe that torture is not working when the objective is to get some valuable information from an unwilling imprison. The torture program created an environment of oppression and fear and urged innocent imprisons to lie about their plots and involvement in terrorism activities in order to save him or herself from further pain.
  3. Casualties: CIA used torture program to extract secretive information from suspected people. The results were not that much favorable despite of huge money investment. The detainees might have died or became physically handicapped for rest of their lives. Many got affected from several physical and mental damages like insomnia, paranoia and hallucinations. 26 detainees among publically known imprisons were proved innocent but got severe mental damages due to torture program. 
  • Damage to Agencies repute: There were possibilities for protest and condemnation all over the world related to inhumane activities of CIA and its contractors. The Afghan government has strongly condemned the act to arrest any of citizens based on Suspicion of terrorism. Several other nations like china, Russia, France, Poland, Iran and many more criticized violation of human rights in CIA torture cells.
  • Secret Activities: CIA under interrogation program has carried on several activities not known or misrepresented to White house, the National Security Council, the Department of Justice, and the CIA Office of the Inspector General, the US Congress, and the public of American states. The gross results of torture proved non-productive. Among 20 case studies on CIA torture victims; there was no evidence of valuable information extraction. Authorities already knew the information taken by victim or victim had already given it before torture. The CIA authorities misrepresented the authenticity of information obtained from detainees.
  • Friction between Republicans and CIA: The report is severely criticized by Republicans. The CIA authorities have rejected the facts by stating it is a FBI based report. Some senators considered it a totally fiction and plotted story and few considered it a way to benefit Democrats by showing flaws of Bush government. Well there has been a contradiction started after issuance of this report among government parties and special agency of militants.
  • Bin laden remained un-arrested: CIA claims that information taken from a detainee Hassan Ghul helped to find Bin laden. The information taken by Al Qaeda members was majorly based on false and exaggerated information in order to save them from torture pain. The intelligence officers of CIA themselves confessed several times that the information which was available for agency prior to torture was more reliable and useful.
  • Personal benefits and condemnation: Several psychologist and physicians were benefited by torture program of CIA after people were injured in several torture activities. Several people used torture for their own benefits. After the release of this report, several representatives of human rights all over the world demanded punishing those responsible for these inhumane activities. Although all the allegations have been rejected by CIA claiming to non-availability of evidences. Obama has clearly denied any action regarding these acts of Republican government to fear the criticism of opposition about his own act such as drone attacks etc.
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